Unreine Haut bei Männern – so gehst du dagegen vor

Impure skin in men - here's how to deal with it

Many men have impure skin. Small blackheads and pimples are one of the first signs when it comes to recognizing errors in skin care. However, since these are only the result of the error, it is important to correctly investigate the cause. But what are the reasons for impure skin in men and what means can you use to improve your daily care? In this article we will show you how you as a man can combat impure skin.

How does impure skin manifest itself in men?

What is completely normal for many young people during puberty cannot always be avoided for adults either. However, incorrect or incomplete facial care is usually responsible for impure skin. The first small pimples or enlarged pores quickly appear on your skin. As soon as the skin's natural protective layer is disturbed, bacteria have an easy time of it.

Ideally, the pH value of healthy men's skin is between 4.8 and 5.3. However, the influence of sweat and sebum regularly shifts this value into a too acidic range, which means that the protective film naturally weakens over time. In practice, this quickly leads to skin imperfections, which you should counteract with the right care measures. Small injuries from shaving or metabolic problems are often responsible for the first impurities.

This care routine is suitable for your situation

If you have already discovered the first signs of impure skin, classic care with a little soap and water is usually no longer enough. In this case, it is worth using items that moisturize your skin and strengthen the skin's natural protective mechanism. Especially if your skin has recurring impurities, you should make sure to change your skin care routine. In many cases, a cleansing gel becomes a good solution. In this way, you actively combat excess fat and always contribute to easier breathing for your skin structure.

You can also easily incorporate the facial shaving process into your routines. The small injuries are often a gateway for bacteria and other skin pests, which in turn cause new pimples and blackheads. Protect your skin from further impurities with the right care routine and thus stimulate the renewal of your cells. The following processes are best suited for eliminating impure skin in order to always improve your facial care:

  1. Start with an effective moisturizer. Simply skip the greasy face cream in the morning and opt for a pleasant and refreshing product.
  2. Proper care is crucial not only in the morning but also in the evening. To do this, remove as much dirt from the day as possible from your skin and use a clarifying beauty product.
  3. Concealers can also be a good addition to men's impure skin. These allow you to react more quickly to impurities on the skin and also soothe them.

In addition, there are of course many other tips and advice that can protect you from impure skin in the long term. For example, make a conscious decision not to wear clothes that itch too much, stick to a healthy diet or pay attention to the right care products. Only the right combination of facial care and the right lifestyle will eliminate impure skin.

Why does men's skin need special care?

Since men's skin generally has coarser pores, it is also much more susceptible to impurities. In addition, there is increased hair growth on the face, but also increased activity in terms of sweat and sebum. Accordingly, men's skin requires a certain amount of additional care, which you can ensure without much effort with the right products. This includes not only classic creams and serums, but also beard oils and other items that protect your skin from injuries.

Further practical tips for even better skin care

In order to be able to combat impurities in your skin in the long term, the right skin care is important. In our article on this topic we have already discussed the most important processes and backgrounds in detail. Especially if you have impure skin, it is important to have clear routines in order to integrate skin care into your everyday life. The following tips are always crucial for you:

  • Make sure you eat a healthy and balanced diet.
  • Washing your face regularly is mandatory.
  • Avoid unnecessary stress and hectic pace in your everyday life.
  • Reduce your consumption of alcohol and nicotine.
  • Be careful every time you shave.

Even the simplest aspects of your everyday life contribute to higher and better health for your skin. This applies to both the face and many other parts of the body. With well-thought-out care routines, you don't have to have impure skin in the first place. However, you need to be particularly careful with pimples and blackheads in order to quickly improve your skin's appearance.

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The right prevention for a natural skin appearance

Skin imperfections are usually a result of neglected hygiene on your face. With a practical cleansing gel, a preventive facial toner and a good cleansing brush, you have already solved the majority of the problems. When cleansing your face, make sure not to disturb the skin too much and be careful during care. You can also protect your skin from potential damage by applying a sunscreen product.

Of course, the best prevention is a healthy and prudent lifestyle. In combination with enough sleep, you ensure that nothing has to stand in the way of optimal health for your skin. Stress can be just as unhealthy as alcohol and nicotine, which is why a certain amount of rest is extremely important for you. This means that impure skin will no longer be a problem.

With the right care for optimal skin protection

Depending on your skin type and skin structure, there are many care products that you can use to protect your skin from pimples and acne. This means your sebaceous glands produce significantly less sebum, which can lead to your pores becoming smaller in the long term. As a man, you no longer have to worry about annoying irritations and inflammation if you have impure skin. In addition to this article, please also take a look at our article about large pores in men and let us inform you directly.