Yes - thanks to active ingredients such as prickly pear extract, vitamin C or hyaluronic acid, our products actively combat wrinkles, skin blemishes and age spots. We have tested an endless number of products, compiled the best ingredients, specifically selected each active ingredient and spent over a year developing it in order to be able to care for men's skin as well and sustainably as possible.

We recommend the following routine to care for your skin deeply, gently and sustainably: 1. Moisten your face with water. Massage the cleaner in gently. Then rinse with warm water. 2. Apply a few drops of the tonic to the skin of the face in dabbing movements (also possible with a cotton pad). 3. Then apply the Power Face Gel thinly to the affected areas or the entire face and allow it to be absorbed well. 4. Finally, apply the Everyday Face Cream all over the face for better protection against environmental influences. The day can come.

All of our BABA CARE products smell pleasantly fresh and light. In short: exactly right.

Use the care routine regularly, preferably daily. Regularity is the key for the best results, including for your skin.

Comedogenic (komedo = Latin for "blackhead") products often clog the pores and can thus cause and increase impurities. Our products are non-comedogenic and also actively help against inflammation through antibacterial agents.

To shave: Massage Face Wash briefly to loosen the dirt. The resulting foam is perfect for shaving!

After shaving: Apply the tonic to your skin as an aftershave. It soothes your skin and reduces redness. Then apply the Everyday Face Cream.

No - we only produce products that are cruelty-free and vegan.

Our products do not contain any animal ingredients. Animal testing has been banned in the EU since 2013. Of course, our products are not tested on animals either.

Maybe the term “Korean Beauty” means something to you. Korean cosmetics are currently the pioneers when it comes to effective, sustainable and effective cosmetics. The high standards and high quality are the minimum requirements for us - that's why we produce in South Korea. For you.

All of our products comply with the 100 ml limit for air travel and can be stowed in hand luggage (as of December 2021)

Please store our products at room temperature and keep them away from heat sources and direct sunlight.

Our products do not contain active ingredients to treat acne. However, many of our customers report positive results after using our products regularly. The salicylic acid wash and tonic can significantly help reduce the frequency of acne breakouts by removing excess sebum, dirt and dead skin cells. It is also important to strengthen the protective barrier (Power Face Gel) and protect the skin by using our nourishing moisturizer without comedogenic ingredients (Everyday Face Cream).

If you use our products regularly, you will notice the first changes within one to two weeks. Further significant improvements usually become visible within the first three to four weeks when your skin cycle is complete. Skin care products work differently for everyone. You can contact our support at any time: hello@babacare.de

In any case! Oily skin needs moisture every day. In fact, oily skin often occurs because dehydrated skin produces excessive sebum and thus overcompensates for dryness.

First and foremost, we recommend our Power Face Gel for oily skin, which strengthens the protective barrier, fights pimples and visually refines pores. If you need even more moisture and want to completely reduce your own sebum, you can use the Everyday Face Cream, which provides maximum moisture and mattifies the skin.