Toner zur Gesichtspflege – auch für Männer geeignet?

Toner for facial care – also suitable for men?

When it comes to a full-fledged skin care routine for men, the toner is a must. Especially in combination with a practical serum, the right cream and the soothing cleansing product, the toner ensures pleasant and nourished skin. But why exactly should you use a toner after cleansing your face and what benefits does this offer you in detail? Right here in this article we will show you what you need to know about toner for your care.

Why toners are very important for men

It is worth using a toner before applying creams and serums, but after cleansing your face. The associated products are often also available under the names tonic or facial toner, although there are usually no differences. The toner makes a good impression and is particularly convincing for men's skin care routines.

100% healthy skin has a pH value between 4.8 and 5.3. However, since the water when washing your face has a pH value of 7, this does not always provide the necessary balance. Even if the skin compensates for this excess after just a few hours when it is healthy, more bacteria and substances form during this period that lead to impure skin. With a professional toner you can shorten this time interval and optimize facial cleansing.

Toners complement facial care in everyday life

Simply put, in this way, the toner contributes to a more careful facial cleansing, which means that bacteria no longer become a problem. Soothing the skin and additional hydration can also be useful for your skin. Therefore, when buying a toner as a man, it is worth taking a closer look at the ingredients and protecting yourself in advance.

Even if the toner provides the perfect finishing touch to your facial cleansing after washing, you shouldn't be any less thorough when washing. If possible, make sure you use water that is pleasant for your skin and use the right washing gel straight away. In many cases, the combination of soap and water also depletes the skin, which is why you can rely on more effective products for facial cleansing. This means you no longer have to endanger your skin unnecessarily.

Toners are very important for these skin types

As already mentioned, using a toner smoothly depends on the right skin type. Not every toner is created equal, although the ingredients may differ, for example due to a small amount of additional alcohol. As a man, you should consider the following tips when buying your toner so that the care product contributes to your skin's appearance:

Dry skin

If you have dry skin, moisture is extremely important. However, in order not to further irritate the skin, it is important to use alcohol-free products. For this reason, opt for mild solutions if possible to complement your facial cleansing as best as possible.

Oily skin

If you have oily skin, your pores often become significantly enlarged. Alcohol-free care products with mild ingredients are also a good choice for this purpose. With additional clarifying and regulating properties, you counteract impure skin.

Combination skin

The intermediate level of dry, oily and normal zones also requires attention. In this case, you should definitely stay away from aggressive toners. These are only recommended for completely healthy skin. Mild care is just right for combination skin.

These properties should be taken into account when purchasing

Only with the properties that suit your skin will the toner be a good choice as part of your skin care routine. If you have normal and therefore healthy skin type, the toners are a good choice from a preventive perspective. In this regard, you don't necessarily need to have impure skin in order for the toner to work as part of your care routine. Especially immediately after cleansing the face, the toner has a calming effect and adapts to the skin structure.

If you already notice slight pimples, blackheads or enlarged pores on your skin, this does not make the toner for men any less effective. To ensure proper application, we recommend that you always have a cotton pad handy after cleansing your face. You can then carefully and slowly apply the few drops of toner to the skin and distribute them well.

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This makes the toner part of your care routine

In order for the toner to help care for your skin in the long term, it is important to cleanse your face first. In our article on facial cleansing for men you will find many new tips on how to do it correctly. However, it is crucial that you use the toner before possible creams and serums. This means you don't have to worry about impure skin and also ensures that the care products work better. This also increases natural protection.

Even directly after shaving, a toner with its moisturizing effect can have positive consequences. In this way, you can replenish men's skin affected by shaving with new moisture and relieve irritation and redness as best as possible. Ideally, you should use your toner in the morning and evening to give your skin the freshness it needs at all times.

A diverse selection for every application

The toner quickly provides additional comfort not only for normal skin, but also for impure skin. Just a few splashes of the facial toner are enough to successfully complete the cleansing process and improve your skin's appearance. For more tips on how to use toner for men correctly, take a look at our article on facial toners for men. So you are up to date when it comes to modern and good skin care.