Pickel am Rücken – so können Männer reagieren

Pimples on the back – this is how men can react

For many men, pimples on the back are a real problem. The blemishes on the back are often present, especially in athletes, and at least partially destroy the dream figure. However, with the right cleaning routine and appropriate approach, as a man you don't have to worry about pimples on your back. In this article we will introduce you to the most important causes of blemished back skin and show you what you can do about it.

The most common causes and their solutions

There are many reasons why pimples appear on the back. Similar to the T-zone, the back is also a real problem area. This is due to the numerous sebaceous glands that are located directly in the back area. While this is hardly noticeable for some athletes, the annoying pimples are a real problem for others. Here are some reasons and their solutions:

Regular sweating during exercise

When you exercise frequently, your skin starts to sweat. The sweat on your back becomes the best breeding ground for your skin oil to attract bacteria and form new pimples. The best solution is therefore to shower immediately after training and effectively eliminate the bacteria.

Incorrect care of the back area

Many men forgo regular back care. Not only the surfaces contaminated with bacteria that you can quickly lean on, but also the lack of cleaning products are a real problem. For this reason, always pay attention to intensive cleaning.

Triggering pimples due to stress

As soon as we are stressed, the production of cortisol increases significantly. In the long term, this leads to a weakening of the immune system and at the same time increases the risk of pimples and blackheads. Calming moments like mediation or smaller breaks also relieve the strain on your back.

Too frequent cleaning of the back

Not only infrequent cleaning, but also too frequent care can pose a threat to your skin. In the worst case scenario, your skin's natural protective film can even be damaged. Mild care products and showering with lukewarm water are therefore worthwhile.

This is how optimal skin care for your back works

To protect yourself from impure skin, you should never squeeze the pimples. The hands are usually not 100% clean, which can quickly become a gateway for bacteria. In the worst case, inflammation of the pimples is also possible. However, you still have a few options to respond appropriately to new pimples on your back and to take the best possible care of men's skin.

With effective care products in the right order, you can work to protect your skin from acne or other back problems. In this way, you counteract dying skin cells and, in the worst case scenario, prevent the annoying marks on your back from becoming inflamed or becoming larger. In most cases, you'll be safe with a suitable moisturizer after exercise to eliminate blackheads and shrink enlarged pores.

Practical home remedies to get rid of pimples

But you also have many options in addition to the various care products for dealing with pimples on the back in men. Home remedies such as tea tree oil have proven themselves in many cases in this context and enable good care for impure skin. The following approaches will also give you good protection when it comes to getting rid of pimples on your back:

  1. With refreshing peelings based on fruit acid, you can remove dead skin cells without much effort. Just one minute of exposure is sufficient for the skin structure at any time.
  2. Using a practical brush, the back care products can be massaged in quickly and directly. This means you can reach even the more difficult areas without much effort.
  3. Shower gels with salicylic acid can counteract the increased production of sebum. However, pay attention to the right concentration and choose a mild product first.

With most skin care products you have to wait a little longer until the skin impurities are completely removed. Nevertheless, peelings with fruit acid and intensive shower gels are the best ways to relieve your skin and provide additional care after showering. Nothing is more annoying than developing acne on your back in the long term, which is why you should successfully protect your skin from bacteria.

The right protection against annoying back pimples

In addition to the right care products for your back, you can also take the right measures when exercising. For example, if you sweat too much, dry yourself with a towel every now and then and avoid the sebaceous glands working even harder. A good shower gel should also be included after a physically strenuous day so that you can wash off the sweat straight away. This effectively protects you as a man from pimples on your back.

Classics such as a healthy diet, regular exercise and skin-friendly clothing also offer excellent protection. The healthier your body and skin feel, the better you are naturally protected against pimples. This saves you long-term treatments and ensures that classic body care is sufficient for your skin.

React to pimples on your back in the best possible way now!

Pimples are an annoying phenomenon not only on the face, but also on the back. In order to protect the body from annoying back pimples and keep the pores small, optimal hygiene is important. Both immediately after exercise and on warm summer days, too much heat can quickly contribute to excessive sweating. As soon as your back itches, it's time for a refreshing shower and the right care. This will protect you from any pimples on your back.

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