Augenringe bei Männern – was lässt sich dagegen tun?

Dark circles in men – what can be done about them?

Dark shadows under the eyes and the associated dark circles are not just a real problem for women. Since the skin around the eyes is very sensitive, good protection is always important in the area. But how exactly do you deal with dark circles under the eyes and what means can you use to protect your skin before they appear? We'll show you right here what you can do about dark circles under the eyes and how you can quickly make your eye area look more alert and vital.

These are the causes of dark circles in men's skin

Dark circles don't appear overnight. They are the result of a long series of skin care mistakes. Even if the eye area appears more awake or less droopy on some days, the dark circles under the eyes cannot be explained away. As a rule, the shadows under your eyes can be attributed to one of the following everyday problems:

Irregular sleep

The less sleep you get, the less often you give your eyes a break to regenerate. While the eye area does not show fatigue immediately after a sleepless night, consistently too short sleep intervals will definitely lead to dark circles under the eyes at some point.

Poor circulation

In many cases, too little sleep is also associated with poorer blood circulation in your skin. Above all, the associated lack of oxygen becomes a problem, which means that the blood stays in the thin-skinned eye area for longer. This is how the rings remain.

Lack of iron

Iron deficiency often occurs due to a lack of oxygen. Characteristics include increased tiredness, but also regular headaches or a depressed mood. Red fruit and dark meats contain a lot of iron and can therefore be good for your diet.

Not enough water

Water ensures a more vital and healthy structure in all areas of the skin. If your dark circles have already sunk in a little deeper, the lack of water supply may be the cause. So make sure you grab a glass of water and hydrate your skin.

Combat the unsightly circles with eye creams

The ways and means mentioned will help you avoid dark circles under the eyes or permanently strengthen your skin. Even if eye creams do not change your diet and cannot balance your sleep rhythm, they are definitely useful for caring for the sagging skin around your eyes. They contribute to a fresh look within just a few minutes.

For example, if you have an important appointment and want to feel more awake, the many moisturizing eye creams are the best choice. Caffeine can also always be present in the ingredients to promote blood circulation in a natural way. The same applies to the healthy vitamins A and C, which you can use to hide any trace of tiredness. To effectively eliminate dark circles under the eyes as a man, eye creams are a good option in many cases.

Ice masks as a practical home remedy for dark circles under the eyes

Both dark circles and bags under the eyes can be eliminated with soothing ice masks without a long wait or a lot of effort. The cooling masks have developed from a trend into a real solution and are visually reminiscent of the also very popular sleeping masks. In a direct comparison, however, they do not contain any material, but only cool and soothing gel. Thanks to the quick effect, the vessels in the eye area retract, which happens after just a few minutes. After being stored in the freezer, the masks can be used multiple times.

Further care products for healthier men's skin

When it comes to concealing and eliminating clearly visible dark circles under the eyes, a concealer can easily help you. These are special concealer creams that are primarily suitable for the area below the eyes. Thanks to their high pigmentation, they have a significantly stronger effect than classic cosmetics, which allows you to take action against dark circles under the eyes in men. The concealer can then be applied with your finger or with a brush.

Other practical home remedies can also help you quickly counteract the swelling in the eye region. This applies, for example, to cucumber slices or tea bags. While the bags can be pressed against your eyelids in a cool form, the cucumber slices also have a cooling effect and soothe the skin around your eyes. The moisture takes effect after just a few minutes.

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This way you can protect yourself from new dark circles under your eyes in advance

The right diet can be extremely useful in order to react to dark circles under the eyes and effectively eliminate them. Make sure you have as many vitamins and as little salt as possible, but also a balanced ratio between meat and vegetables. If dark circles under the eyes are too dark, the lack of water is often responsible for such a phenomenon. For this reason, keep a close eye on the types and forms of your diet and react in good time to the first swellings.

In addition, you should get your lack of sleep under control as quickly as possible. This can also be seen in the blood vessels in the eye region, which you can quickly get back into the desired shape with our tips. In this way, you can often manage to strengthen the body and effectively prevent dark circles under the eyes, even without serious procedures such as injections with hyaluronic acid.

With the right means for quick treatment!

Many people suffer from dark circles under the eyes. This is precisely why it is crucial for men to take action against the shadows under their eyes. While natural measures such as more sleep and less stress are always helpful, you can also do something for a more vital face with care products. With eye creams as part of your beauty routine you are optimally positioned. Feel free to take a look at the article on facial cleansing for men and find out more.