Trockene Haut bei Männern verhindern und behandeln

Prevent and treat dry skin in men

Even with an extensive skin care routine, dry skin can still be a real problem for men. Both shaving and incorrect facial cleansing or unsuitable serums and care products contribute to this. The result is usually a negative feeling on the skin, which is accompanied by pimples and minor impurities. But what exactly can you as a man do about dry skin and what role does your individual skin type play in this? In this article we will help you.

How exactly does dry skin develop in men?

There are numerous causes of dry skin in everyday life. Low humidity or cold and harsh weather often contribute to dry skin. Treating your skin with water that is too hot also causes an active loss of moisture, which gradually dries out the skin. But it's not just environmental influences that contribute to annoying xerosis.

Unsuitable soaps and care creams that strip your skin of protective proteins and important oils also limit the effectiveness of your skin. The worse your skin is at retaining moisture, the more likely you are to feel impure on your face and other areas. The dry air from air conditioning or the lack of physical activity do the rest. There are numerous causes of dry skin in men, not all of which you can influence.

This way your symptoms will get worse

Excessive amounts of alcohol further increase dryness of the skin. The same applies to too little water or dehydration. Excessive strain on your body can also worsen dry skin and contribute to damage. The bigger problem that quickly leads to dry or oily skin is poor hygiene. We recommend showering under warm water for around ten minutes a day, using fragrance-free shower gels and using a cream after drying off slightly. Sun protection is also suitable.

This is the best way to care for dry skin

Even though men's skin generally ages later than women's, proper care is a crucial approach for you. This starts with cleansing and treating with a proper facial toner. The better you keep an eye on your skin's moisture balance, the more effectively you will be able to protect yourself from dry skin in everyday life. With the following tips you can protect yourself from drying your skin too quickly and ensure that your skin feels optimal:

  • Make sure you clean thoroughly. So blackheads certainly don't stand a chance.
  • Work a moisturizer into your care routine and relieve your skin.
  • Protect your skin from the high levels of UV radiation in everyday life with sunscreen.
  • Before shaving, make sure that the blades cannot irritate your skin.
  • Special facial peels for men can effectively relieve your skin.

Which cream or lotion works best for you is always a question of experience. What is crucial, however, are the ingredients that are guaranteed to you in the various care products. With a look at our ingredient lexicon, you can quickly see which substances help against dry skin and impurities and which products are better to stay away from.

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Why regular cleaning is crucial

Many men try to counteract their dry skin with a short-term change to their care routine. However, long-term stress and inadequate protection from environmental influences cannot be compensated for in one day. If you don't make facial care a good and important task in the long term, you will have to accept dry men's skin. For this reason, make sure to incorporate your skin care into your daily routine in the long term.

To prevent impurities from becoming a problem for you, you should always take a preventive approach to your skin care. The aim of your care is to avoid contamination of the skin in the long term and not to develop dry skin types in the first place. With light, but as active cleansing as possible, you can maintain the necessary moisture and improve the feel of your skin.

The right way to prevent dry skin

Tension and slight itching during facial cleansing are the first sign of the development of dry skin. The same applies to redness, which does not necessarily appear permanent, but does appear in spots. So it cannot be ruled out that, despite active facial care, your skin will become rougher over time or even smaller scales will appear. Finally, we would like to give you the following tips to avoid dry skin as a man:

  • Cleanse your skin morning and evening. This way you can eliminate excess sebum and sweat. With mild products you are best positioned for this in the long term.
  • Additional facial peels also allow you to remove impurities that you don't even see with the naked eye. However, if possible, do not exfoliate too often.
  • We cannot recommend conventional soap for your skin care. This usually has a pH value that is significantly too high, which doesn't really help your skin in everyday life.

With the right protection for your skin, it's easy for you to avoid dry spots in advance and find the right products. The same applies to shaving, for which we recommend a special shaving foam. You can find out more about this topic in our article on razor burn and how to avoid it. This way, you no longer have to worry about dry skin.

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The right care routine for your face allows you to take action against annoying and unsightly blackheads and redness. This means you no longer have to expose your skin to extreme cold and other environmental influences, but instead ensure resilient and well-cared for facial skin. With a moisturizing face cream you are usually on the safe side and can optimize the care of your men's skin in everyday life. Our blog offers you many more details on this.