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The best home remedies for bags under the eyes

Puffy eyes and bags under the eyes are an annoying problem. Especially as you get older, they often become more noticeable and disrupt the appearance of your skin. However, with the right care, you no longer have to worry about annoying puffiness under your eyes. But how exactly do you get rid of bags under your eyes and which home remedies can help you? Here in this article we will introduce you to all the relevant strategies in more detail and help you in the best possible way:

What are bags under your eyes and how do you get them?

Although it's often lumped together, bags under your eyes have nothing to do with your tears. No water collects under the eye, only fat. Whenever the lymph flow goes out of its usual rhythm, you have to expect bags under the eyes. The first swellings in the eye area quickly appear, the effect of which becomes even stronger.

The most common causes of worn out lower eyelids are stress and lack of sleep. Both lead to unwanted swelling, as this condition puts a noticeable strain on your skin. The bags under the eyes are not only noticeable visually, but also in the way they feel around your eyes. For this reason, you shouldn't just accept puffy eyes and bags under the eyes, but rather take action yourself. It is important to know the appropriate ingredients.

These ingredients will relieve you of bags under your eyes

While bags under the eyes are harmless from a health perspective, no one likes having such large puffiness on their face. The tired and stressed facial expression usually remains for a long time, which causes considerable damage to your eye area. With the following ingredients you can do something to prevent the formation of new bags under the eyes and effectively relieve the strain on your skin:


Hyaluronic acid is the right choice for supplying your skin with moisture. This makes it easy to reduce skin aging and rely on the right creams in everyday life.


Only a few ingredients are as capable of rejuvenating your skin as retinol. The positive properties can also be used to treat bags under the eyes.


Since the body's own collagen production decreases over time, you can easily replenish it. The body's own active ingredient contributes to the firm and plump effect.

Aloe vera

Natural and moisturizing active ingredients are always a good approach. This also applies to aloe vera, which has an anti-inflammatory and cooling effect.

Other home remedies to eliminate bags under the eyes

In addition to the common care products with effective ingredients, there are many home remedies that can relieve you of bags under the eyes. The main focus is on the cooling function of home remedies to strengthen your eye area and reduce puffiness. In this way, your eyelids don't always seem so stressed and are relieved:

Cooling pads for the eyes

With the necessary cooling, you will quickly get rid of the bags under your eyes. The cooling pads for your eyes are therefore a good home remedy that you can store directly in the refrigerator or freezer. After a stressful day, the pads are just the thing.

Preventive sun protection

Sun protection is also one of the home remedies you can use to respond to swollen eyelids. This way you protect your skin from losing its elasticity and apply the products daily. At the same time, you protect yourself from annoying UV rays.

Gently massage in

A light massage is not a home remedy in the classic sense, but it also helps well with bags under the eyes. To do this, massage the swelling slowly and carefully with two fingers in circular movements. The feeling should be as pleasant as possible.

Tea bags for cooling

The use of cooling tea bags is very popular. These can be easily stored in the refrigerator and then used to combat swelling. Above all, the flavinoids and tannins it contains will help you thanks to their antioxidant effects.

Can eye bags be removed in other ways?

In principle, you can of course also remove bags under the eyes using surgical methods. Especially if the lymph flow is severely disturbed, the use of creams and home remedies is not always enough. However, surgical intervention should be the clear exception to removing bags under the eyes. Since fat cells and excess connective tissue are removed during the procedure, small hubs are always one of the unsightly consequences. For this reason, get as comprehensive advice as possible before further treatment so that the risks and consequences can be fully clarified.

With the right cosmetics for the best protection

If you have mild bags under the eyes, you are usually on the safe side with cosmetic treatment methods. Even if the creams and serums don't allow you to actively combat dark circles under your eyes, they still clearly conceal the tired look and reduce the signs of too little sleep. The right eye cream with additional moisture can also reduce puffiness and give your eyes the desired structure. So dark circles are no longer a problem.

The combination of home remedies to care for your eyes and the right cosmetics ensures that swollen eyes are no longer a risk for you. With our tips you can easily avoid the formation of new bags under your eyes and make an alert and balanced impression again. Swollen lower limbs and tired eyes can always be avoided.

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More details on how to eliminate bags under the eyes

Thanks to the variety of home remedies, you usually don't have to worry about complex treatment of your bags under the eyes. Since causes such as lack of sleep can generally be easily remedied, you have control over the structure of your eyelids. In this way, you can quickly strengthen your connective tissue and actively counteract dark circles under the eyes. Please also take a look at our articles on skin care and find out more about the perfect routine.