So kannst du Rasurbrand im Gesicht behandeln, reinigen und pflegen

This is how you can treat, clean and care for razor burn on your face

Do you often experience redness or burns on your skin after shaving? Then it is often an annoying razor burn. Dull blades or incorrect shaving procedures are usually the causes of this problem. But how do you quickly get rid of the irritation on your skin and what can you do to calm your skin? We'll show you how you can quickly get rid of razor burn on your face and what's best for relief.

What exactly is razor burn and how exactly does it occur?

Extremely glowing or even burning skin is a clear sign of razor burn. This can occur, for example, if your beard has not been sufficiently prepared or if you are working with a blade that is too dull. Irritations to the skin are very difficult to avoid if the right approach is not taken. Even shaving foam can help.

However, many men consciously decide against additional protection for their skin, as a close and careful shave can in most cases take a lot of time. However, the hair usually cannot be shaved quickly enough without putting too much strain on the skin. The resulting razor burn is the logical skin reaction that can be avoided with a careful and, above all, well thought-out approach. Therefore, appropriate treatment is important.

This is how razor burn can be treated after it occurs

If your skin is already affected by severe redness, quick and effective relief is important. This is the only way you can quickly reduce the symptoms and strengthen your natural skin again. It is very important to initially avoid shaving until the condition has subsided. Any additional blade could increase the existing burns.

Then cool the areas affected by razor burn as thoroughly as possible and, for example, use an ice cube to ensure that your pores close quickly. The skin should also be dried as carefully as possible at this point so as not to rekindle the irritation. Additional home remedies such as honey or soothing face masks can also be suitable for your face to quickly relieve skin irritation after razor burn.

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These tips will protect you from razor burn in advance

However, the best way to keep your skin healthy is to actively prevent razor burn in advance. If possible, do not cut your hair against the direction of growth, as this usually puts a lot of strain on your skin. Even unsuitable razor blades are not beneficial to the result and can promote the formation of pimples. For this reason, pay attention to the following tips:

Extra warmth for your skin

As a rule, a good approach is to prepare your skin for shaving with a little warm water beforehand. Especially with rough beard hair, this ensures a significantly softer structure, which makes cutting it off easier. A warm towel will also help you prepare.

Gentle skin shaving with the stroke

Shaving in the direction of hair growth also protects your skin. If possible, try not to press the razor too hard and be content with short stubble. The more often you shave in one area, the worse the razor burn can become later.

Shaving cream for further relief

You can protect your facial skin even further with a shaving foam or a special shaving cream. Of course, this approach applies not only to the hair on the face, but also to the intimate area. Rub the cream in as thoroughly as possible to make shaving easier.

Clean and always sharp blades

Only clean blades with a sharp attachment lead to a successful shave. The contamination on the blade is often responsible for new dirt and impurities and does not make a good impression. To do this, rinse the blades frequently while shaving.

What can you do about ingrown hairs?

In many cases, ingrown hairs become a real challenge while shaving. Shaving multiple times is usually unsuccessful and can only shorten the hair. To do this, use tweezers if possible and try to remove the hairs one at a time. If this doesn't work, products like train ointment can be helpful. With a good and careful approach, inflammation usually doesn't occur. If individual areas of the hair become inflamed, a visit to the doctor is an even safer approach for you.

The right care products for a smooth treatment

Thoughtful and careful care can definitely help you with razor burn in order to quickly get rid of the small, red dots. You should remove the inflammation in good time, especially directly on the neck or in the area of ​​your face, in order to improve the hygiene of your skin as much as possible. You can get rid of razor bumps, for example, with cooling peels and regular skin cleansing. In this way you also remove the dead cells.

Over time, every man develops his own strategy to avoid inflammation when shaving and to limit skin irritation as best as possible. Shaving is also clearly related to skin care, which is why you should work on a good routine for yourself over time. You can find out more about this topic in our article about skin care for men.

Effectively protect your facial skin from razor burns now!

To ensure that problems such as frequent rashes or pimples after dry shaving do not become a problem for you, comprehensive protection is important. This means that skin irritations and razor burns are guaranteed not to be a problem for you, which makes the procedure as easy as possible. In the many other articles on proper skin care, you can find out more about the perfect procedure and avoid skin irritation right from the start. We would be happy to support you with your hygiene.