Die richtige Gesichtspflege für Männer – so funktioniert es

The right facial care for men – this is how it works

by D. W.

When it comes to smooth facial care, the right routines and applications cannot be missing. There are a few aspects to consider, especially for men's skin, to ensure safe and smooth implementation despite the slightly thicker skin cells. But how exactly can facial care for men be further improved and what is important when using it correctly? In this article you will find out how your facial care will be a real success.

What requirements are there when caring for men's skin?

There are some differences between men's skin and women's skin. Mainly due to the increased testosterone production, men's skin is 20 percent thicker. In addition, there is the permeability within the protective barrier, which means that vulnerability is significantly more pronounced. This shows quite clearly why good facial care is important.

In order to implement facial care for men as smoothly as possible, there are two main focuses. Both suitable cleansing and the associated facial toner should not be missing when it comes to care. In this way, you actively combat possible impurities and ensure that individual areas of your skin do not become too inflamed. Additional creams or gels can also be easily used to further strengthen the skin barrier.

Why skin type is crucial for your facial care

However, in order for the selected facial care product to suit your skin, it is important to know your own skin type. Since every skin type is fundamentally individual, the problems surrounding impure skin are different in most cases. If you hardly have to deal with any skin problems, light care is a good approach. Make sure you clean it regularly.

If the skin is too dry, the lack of moisture is usually the problem. This quickly leads to marks and redness, which in turn can develop into more severe itching. In this case, you are well prepared with additional moisturizing care. With oily skin, however, it is usually the other way around. The excessive production of sebum leads to significantly coarser-pored skin, which promotes blackheads and new pimples. In this case, use suitable creams and serums for care.

The right adjustment of your skin care for every season

Rich creams with vitamin-rich ingredients are in many cases a good idea to protect yourself from existing skin problems. This applies not only to acutely oily or dry skin, but also to combination skin, which is extremely common. It is important that you treat your skin as gently as possible while cleansing and avoid products that are too strong.

Good ingredients include cholesterol and ceramides. The latter can also be found naturally in the stratum corneum of our skin, where they strengthen the protective barrier and prevent loss of moisture. Cholesterol, on the other hand, is an important building block of cell membranes and is a good approach for the natural structure of the skin and your cells. In combination with a facial toner that balances the pH after cleansing, you are on the best side.

This is how you can effectively combat typical skin problems

As already mentioned, the right skin care practices are extremely important for men. This is the only way your skin will return to a better condition so that pimples and other impurities don't become a problem for you. The following problem areas occur most frequently in men's skin and should be avoided as part of proper care:

Oily skin

Many men tend to have oily skin due to the increased production of testosterone. If the care or cleansing isn't right, the oily complexion won't be able to get rid of it so quickly. Light gels can be used to gently treat pimples if you have oily skin.

Dry skin

Excessive dryness of the skin becomes a challenge, especially in winter. With rich creams you can supply your skin with helpful fats to further improve care. Skin-like active ingredients become a good solution.

Reddened skin

Annoying inflammation or even permanent high blood pressure can lead to reddening of the skin. Monitor the color change as long as possible and try to counteract it with soothing skin care. If necessary, you should then consult a doctor.

With these products you can ensure successful facial care

The two most important areas of skin care for men are facial cleansing and using a suitable facial toner. This gives your skin type the balance it needs and lets you stay in full control. Additional solutions such as a face cream that gives your skin more moisture and structure can also positively complement your routines. This means you can integrate a variety of cleansing products into your care routine depending on your skin type.

Other solutions for men to feel better on their skin can include sun protection or a real moisture booster. The solution to the problem does not always lie in normal or conventional cosmetics. Natural cosmetic products can also be a good choice thanks to their diverse ingredients and can help to ensure that your skin continues to improve.

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Good strategies are important not only for your daily morning routine, but also for tasks such as shaving or other skin care processes. Good and convincing care products play an important role, especially for men's skin. For this reason, make a conscious decision to choose the right facial care products and protect your skin. With our tips and help from the ingredient lexicon, we would be happy to show you which active ingredients you can rely on.