Rosacea bei Männern – was lässt sich dagegen tun?

Rosacea in men – what can be done about it?

Rosacea, often also known as rosacea, causes your skin to redden again and again. In this case it is a real skin disease that can also become a problem for men. Even though not all redness is necessarily rosacea, you should be informed about the most common symptoms. We'll show you right here how rosacea manifests itself, how the disease actively influences you and what's important when it comes to proper skin care.

What exactly is rosacea and how do you recognize it?

In very few cases, rosacea can be traced back to inadequate care of your skin. Since the skin disease is usually genetic, there is little you can do about it. However, other measures that lead to enlargement of your pores also lead to impurities, redness and, in the worst case, rosacea. These are, for example, stress, alcohol, a lot of heat or sun.

Even though women are more likely to develop rosacea, it is a completely female disease. The disease usually progresses in several stages, initially starting with slight reddening of the skin. These do not apply to all areas, but rather occur in specific areas.

During the first stage the skin is always slightly red. Small veins are also clearly visible. In the second stage, the capillaries are supplemented by additional pustules or nodules on the skin. The last and third stage can often be recognized by a very red nose. This is also known as a drunkard's nose, although it has nothing to do with alcohol consumption.

Rosacea can develop on the skin over time

Further signs can be that the redness is often more severe in the evening than in the morning. This is simply because rosacea is sensitive to your body's nervous system. After a stressful day, the marks on the skin are much more pronounced than after a calming night. However, it is important to keep an eye on the possible development of the skin disease in the long term and to react quickly to all possible areas of spread.

In order to have clarity about rosacea, an examination by a dermatologist is necessary. This knows the exact symptoms and, in conjunction with a blood sample, can quickly determine whether it is really the skin disease. At the same time, the skin is also examined for other diseases in this procedure in order to rule out possible consequences of later development.

These methods let you combat rosacea

Rosacea is one of the more complex skin diseases that is very difficult to treat without professional therapy. Nevertheless, a lot of research is now being carried out in this area, which has already resulted in some improvements for our own application. The following methods and home remedies can help you actively relieve the redness:

  • Avoid stress and hectic pace in everyday life.
  • Eat less spicy foods.
  • Avoid too much nicotine and alcohol.
  • Apply sunscreen regularly.
  • Adopt skin care routines.

Specific products can also be a good approach for rosacea to relieve the facial skin and other areas. Skin care products that lead to a narrowing of the blood vessels are particularly useful at this point. Even a small dose of the creams and serums is enough to have a positive effect on rosacea. If you are interested in stronger treatment options, pay attention to the possible prescription requirements of the ingredients.

This is how dermatologists can support you with rosacea

The helpful agents and ingredients can easily be prescribed by dermatologists or dermatologists. However, it is important that your skin condition Rosacea can first be checked and proven. Smaller pimples, slight redness and pustules alone are not enough to be prescribed more effective care products. Therapies with vitamin A acid or even the use of a laser to minimize pores are certainly conceivable. For this purpose, it is best to seek advice and further training from a doctor you trust.

More tips for proper skin care for rosacea

While rosacea is much more serious than impure or stressed skin, you can take similar measures to combat the redness. A healthy lifestyle always helps when it comes to blackheads and pimples on the body and especially on the face. Nutritional therapy, which you can implement independently with the right templates, will also be of great help against rosacea in men. Finally, we would like to give you the following tips for skin care:

  • Avoid overly stimulating your skin. With exercise outdoors and some sport, you can strengthen your natural defenses, reduce stress and ensure better health.
  • Massage any swelling gently and relaxed. Just a few minutes a day will help you strengthen your facial skin and quickly get it back into shape.
  • Keep a close eye on possible skin redness. While small pimples are often normal, if you have veins you should see a dermatologist and have the appearance checked.

There are also many products that can help you conceal the effects of rosacea. This won't solve your problem, but it will keep your skin looking normal and healthy. At the same time, you can devote yourself to your treatment without stress and get men's skin into the desired shape. This strengthens your skin barrier and protects you from annoying reactions.

Get advice: the best choice for rosacea

Even if rosacea cannot yet be completely cured, you can take good measures to relieve the symptoms. Since the trigger can be both genetic and practical, the same active ingredients are not always helpful. Therefore, keep a closer eye on possible inflammation before treatment and ensure that your skin can calm down. For tips on optimal skin care for men, please take a look at our exciting article.