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Pimples due to sun? In these cases it is possible

While the sun ushers in summer for many and promises good weather, it is not always a good foundation for your skin. Without comprehensive protection from the sun, you expose your skin to unnecessary dangers, which can often lead to breakouts. But how exactly are pimples caused by the sun and how can you take quick and effective action against them? Here we will address your questions in more detail and show you how to get rid of the pimples quickly.

In these cases, a sun allergy may be responsible

If you already suffer from a sun allergy, pimples and blisters will appear quickly. Fortunately, the discoloration is rarely a real sun allergy. The most common symptoms include itching and burning skin and the formation of small, red spots. Blisters or smaller blisters can also quickly form in the event of strong stimuli.

Despite the low probability of a severe sun allergy, prior consultation with a dermatologist is very important. They can classify your symptoms professionally and tell you what they are exactly about. Even without an acute sun allergy, your skin is of course not protected from pimples and impurities in the sun. For this reason, make sure that your skin is adequately protected and does not have to be directly exposed to UV radiation.

The distinction between allergy and Mallorca acne

Specifically, polymorphic light dermatosis is not an allergy in the normal sense. The phenomenon can be more likely explained by irritation of the skin caused by contact with sunlight. It's not the sun itself, but rather skin protection that will probably be the biggest problem for you. However, a distinction from Mallorca acne is also necessary.

Mallorca acne is primarily caused by sun protection. The substances and emulsifiers they contain, such as alcohols, perfumes and detergents, attack some types of skin and quickly become irritating. Above all, the reaction with the sebaceous glands ensures that pimples or possible pustules can form over time. Due to the creams, these can occur not only on the face, but also in the back area or even directly on the chest.

What can be done about sun pimples?

The most important task is to find the source of your pimples and see how you can get rid of them quickly. For this purpose, seek dermatological advice if necessary to rule out allergic or other skin reactions. In addition, with proper skin care, you can always do a lot to prevent pimples and pustules from appearing after a long time in the sun:

  • Leave your place in the sun as quickly as possible.
  • Give your skin time to calm down naturally.
  • Check for a burning rash on the skin.
  • If you have a burning rash, see a doctor immediately.
  • In the future, preventatively apply sunscreen to your skin.

If the pimples caused by the sun don't recur too often, you don't have to worry about the effect on your skin. However, if you constantly suffer from sunburns and similar reactions, this can have noticeable consequences. No organ is more sensitive and unforgiving than your skin, which is why you should take protection from the sun seriously. It's best to decide in good time on a sunscreen that suits your skin type and that can provide you with ideal relief.

Why UV protection should never be missing in everyday life

Not only can UV radiation cause sunburns, redness and irritation, but it also promotes aging of your skin. For this reason, protect yourself as actively as possible from the sometimes nasty consequences and ensure that your skin continues to look fresh and healthy. We recommend applying sunscreen not only when the sun is strong, but even on overcast days. This protects you from overexposing yourself to radiation and causing pimples to appear at the end of the day. Day creams with SPF can also be an alternative.

Further tips for skin protection in strong sun

But you should not only take your skin protection seriously when annoying pimples develop. It is also very important in advance to protect yourself adequately from radiation and to avoid sunburn, which can cause cancer. With the following tips you can prepare well for the sunny day and ensure that sun-induced pimples no longer pose a danger to you:

  • Use sunscreens that have the necessary SPF.
  • Apply cream thoroughly and in all unprotected areas.
  • The cream should also not be missing under the shirt or trousers.
  • Drink enough water to avoid dehydration.
  • React to the signs of your skin, especially in the hot midday sun.

Well-groomed and, above all, healthy skin will also be an advantage for you on sunny days. This means that new pimples and blackheads that form due to sun allergies won't even become a problem for you. Nevertheless, in the long term it is of course worth it to avoid unsightly reactions and nodules on the skin. Any skin reaction from sunburn further increases your risk of skin cancer.

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Protect yourself now from severe pimples caused by the sun!

The optimal protection against acne after extensive sunbathing is therefore the right cream. This is the best way to protect yourself from inflammation and ensure that no new itching occurs at the end of the day. Prickly heat and other signs of acne won't even become a problem for you. For this reason, try to react in good time at the first sign of a hot day. This protects you in the long term from pimples caused by the sun and relieves the strain on the skin.