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This is how you can remove blackheads and protect yourself from them

Skin blemishes are a real problem for many men. This makes it all the more important to react quickly to blackheads and get rid of the small, black dots. But how exactly can blackheads be distinguished from classic pimples and why do they appear on your skin? In this article we will look at the causes of blackheads and show you how you can best respond to them. So nothing stands in the way of well-groomed and clean skin.

How do unsightly blackheads appear on the skin?

Blackheads are small drops of sebum in an sebaceous gland that collect beneath the skin. This is because they cannot drain due to excessive hardening. Blackheads are therefore a problem, especially in connection with oily skin, as the pores produce a lot of sebum in this phase. Added to this are the dead skin cells that clog your pores.

Even if it seems strange at first glance, the blackheads on the skin are usually black. This is due to a chemical reaction between the skin pigment melanin and the oxygen from the environment. The oxidation of both substances results in a dark color, which causes the small but unsightly spots on the skin. In direct comparison to classic pimples, your blackheads are much less noticeable, but they also become a small, annoying detail.

Blackheads are particularly prevalent in these areas

When it comes to the common places where blackheads appear, there is hardly any difference to real pimples. The T-zone is particularly badly affected because sebum production is very active in these areas of the skin. Blackheads don't take long to appear, especially on the forehead, nose or chin. Of course, the other areas of the face are not completely protected from annoying blackheads or new pimples. One of the best solutions is therefore good, well-thought-out skin care. This is how you declare war on the impurities on your skin.

The right methods to get rid of your blackheads

Once the blackheads have formed, removing them is not that easy. One of the more complex ways is to have the new blackheads removed regularly as part of a professional cleaning. However, if you want to get your blackheads under control yourself, the right routines are crucial. To do this, rely on products that are as effective as possible.

The care products for your skin should also be skin-relieving in order to at least promote the flow of excess sebum. Fruit and salicylic acids actively help you with wrinkles and pimples, making the products a good choice for your skin care. The same applies to redness and flaking, but also to burning spots and other skin problems. With one to two applications per week you can provide effective long-term care for your skin.

This is what you do for inflamed and deep blackheads

In addition to more intensive and better care for your skin, three central areas are important. We have already presented these to you in detail in our article on comprehensive facial care for men. Specifically, it's about maintaining the balance of your skin in a cosmetic way. The following aspects in combination become the best solution for blackheads:

Intensive cleaning

The cleaner your face stays in the long term, the better your skin will look. It's best to cleanse your skin in the morning and evening to remove the traces of a stressful day or a long night. An additional facial toner is also helpful.


While oily skin usually doesn't lack moisture, it's all about the right products and priorities. This makes it easy to ensure intensive cleansing and at the same time relieve the strain on the skin. A healthy moisture balance is the be-all and end-all.

Peels and masks

The peelings already mentioned are a good approach, especially in conjunction with skin masks, to avoid impurities. In most cases, the masks will help you combat the formation of new blackheads and avoid major treatments.

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Does shaving contribute to the formation of new blackheads in men?

Even though shaving is responsible for a lot of redness and irritation on the skin, it doesn't play a role in new blackheads. Of course, there are always exceptions when bacteria penetrate your skin due to blades that have not been cleaned sufficiently. However, if you follow a structured and well-thought-out approach while shaving, you will remain protected from pimples and blackheads and will not have to worry about additional contamination. Combine shaving with active cleansing as regularly as possible to avoid too much sebum on your face.

The right strategies to prevent blackheads in advance

To ensure that impure skin doesn't become a problem from your point of view, it's important to have the right routines. With comprehensive and well-thought-out care, blackheads will never appear in the first place, which will ensure that your skin feels pleasant in the long term. While home remedies such as tea tree oil, healing clay or fresh lemon juice are certainly effective, prevention is the best way. The following tips will help you ensure good and successful care:

  • Apply a light moisturizer in the morning.
  • Combine the care products with sun protection.
  • Deep cleansing protects you from too much sebum on your skin.
  • Face masks and patches specifically for the T-zone are worthwhile.
  • Proper care protects you from later inflammation.

Comprehensive cleaning is therefore the best way to prevent dirt and stains from becoming a problem for your skin. Intensive and at the same time gentle products relieve you when it comes to getting rid of your blackheads. This means that the sebaceous glands no longer produce too much sebum that gets stuck in your skin. The result is always flawless skin.

More details about successful skin care for men

With the right care, pimples and blackheads don't even become a problem for men's skin. For this reason, if you have possible impurities, don't wait too long, but rather tackle the marks on your face as directly as possible. This will help you improve the way your skin feels without much effort and focus on facial care. If you are interested in finding the right toner for cleansing, please take a look at our article about toners for men.