Poren verfeinern – diese Methoden führen zum Erfolg

Refine pores – these methods lead to success

Does your skin appear uneven and new pimples are not long in coming? Then in most cases you suffer from enlarged pores. This makes it difficult to keep an eye on your own skin and protect it from possible environmental influences. But how exactly can the pores be refined again and which care products contribute to a supple skin? In this article we will look at more precise solutions to refine your pores.

How do excessively dilated pores occur?

Basically, the condition of your skin is genetically determined. This means that not everyone has the same requirements for dilated pores. But based on these genetic characteristics, it is primarily skin care and lifestyle that can lead to impure skin. The problem is that the enlargement of the pores only becomes visible and develops after a long time.

In particular, stress, a lot of alcohol and nicotine can have a negative effect on the structure of the pores. This makes it all the more important to refine the pores again and put them in the spotlight. This makes it easy for you to strengthen your skin layer again and counteract excessively large pores in the long term. However, without additional action from you, the pores will not be able to be brought back into the desired shape. Once the pores are dilated, this problem usually remains active in the long term.

These options are available for effective downsizing

As mentioned, shrinking your pores is a long-term process. The formation of large pores and the associated blackheads do not appear overnight, but rather depend on your lifestyle and how you treat your skin. Therefore, there is no miracle cure that will make your skin look more even and supple again tomorrow. Above all, the excess sebum is very difficult to break down again, which makes it difficult to improve your skin's appearance. It is more important to take better care of the skin in the long term.

This is the best way to clean large-pored skin in the long term

In order for your pores to be refined again, it is important to clean them correctly. At this point, make sure you cleanse twice as much as possible and avoid products that further dry out your skin. Peelings based on AHA or BHA can also be helpful when it comes to properly cleansing your facial skin. A suitable serum can also strengthen your skin and improve your complexion. Retinol or salicylic acid make a good impression as active ingredients.

In addition, you are also on the safe side with creams as a care product to actively refine the pores. The increased production of sebum alone is not a reason why oily skin does not need additional moisture. However, pay close attention to your creams to ensure that the ingredients do not clog the pores, but also unclog them.

Further information on refining your skin’s appearance

There are also many other methods to refine your pores and strengthen your skin. Peelings and steam baths are two examples that also give your skin more freshness and structure. For example, use chamomile oil in your steam bath to give your skin a feeling of relaxation. This means that sebum production relaxes over time and the production of new sebum decreases. This is the first step on the way to finer pores.

Clarifying masks are also a good choice when it comes to properly protecting your skin. Not only for large pores, but also as a preventive measure, they help clean the skin better and help you with their absorbent properties. At the same time, they reliably collect excess sebum, which often promotes impurities and contributes to blackheads or pimples.

Help at the doctor? These options exist

If refining the pores doesn't take too much time, medical methods can also help with elimination. Although this cannot replace better skin care, it does provide a good foundation for refined pores. How exactly you relieve your skin in the long term depends on your lifestyle. However, the following measures can be taken directly from the doctor if you urgently want to refine your pores:

Slightly cross-linked hyaluronic acid

One of the most common remedies for healthy skin and refined pores is hyaluronic acid. Especially in a slightly cross-linked form, it helps to improve the quality of your skin and ensures additional tightening. This treatment can be carried out by a doctor once or twice a year.

Laser treatment

With the right devices, it's easy to artificially smooth your skin again. For this purpose, laser treatment is an option, with which the new pores are created in a finer form. For this result, two to three sessions with the doctor for laser laser treatment are usually necessary.

Radio frequency needling

Radiofrequency needling is suitable for a deep treatment of your pores. The needle pricks create more heat in the skin and further stimulate the production of elastin. This leads to skin tightening, relieves pressure on your pores and can be repeated if necessary.

The right tips to protect against large pores

You can do something for the skin not only after the formation of large pores, but also preventatively. For example, ensure better UV protection and make sure that your skin is not exposed to the sun too much. UV radiation actively contributes to premature aging of the skin, which in turn increases your risk of skin cancer. For this reason, apply sunscreen at all times if possible. This way, your pores will definitely not get clogged again so quickly.

Professional cleaning of your skin is also very important. Especially if you have skin problems, it makes sense to choose the right care products depending on your skin type. The quicker you react to your skin's first impurities, the better protected you are from serious consequences such as large pores. Preventive cleansing allows you to refine your pores.

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Now refine your pores and get clear skin!

Good care and cleaning play a central role around your skin cells. This applies not only to the skin on the face, but basically to the entire body. Therefore, make sure that you have your skin under control and how it reacts to oily skin. This gives you the chance that the pores will shrink again over time and will not widen again. If you have more specific questions about how to properly treat your skin, we recommend visiting your trusted dermatologist.