Gesichtspflege für Männer schnell erklärt

Facial care for men quickly explained

Would you like to understand the basics of facial care for men without wasting a lot of time and without having to rack your brains? Here you will find a short, clear and understandable introduction to the topic.


1. Characteristics skin types

2. Peculiarities of men's skin

3. Resulting problems with men's skin

4. Suitable care routines

In this article, you can learn everything about facial care for men in the following short, bullet-point explanation. Depending on your interests, you can then use the link below to access a long explanation including a bibliography and explanatory videos if you would like to go into more detail on individual points.

1. Characteristics skin types

1.1 Dry skin is

a) often brittle,

b) rough

c) and has little shine.

1.2 Oily skin, on the other hand, has one

a) oily shine

b) and is prone to acne.

1.3 Normal skin is

a) balanced

b) and has no tendency towards extremes or skin problems.

1.4 Combination skin goes with you

a) oily skin on the forehead, nose and chin

b) and dry cheeks.

1.5 Sensitive skin suffers

a) redness,

b) Itching

c) and pain with stimuli.

Now that you know the cross-gender basics of dermatology, you can look at the special features of men's skin.

2. Peculiarities of men's skin

Men's skin is

a) more oily or unclean

b) thicker/more robust, but more exposed to shaving

c) and ages more slowly when young and more quickly when older than women's skin.

3. Resulting problems with men's skin

Men therefore struggle more

a) skin imperfections,

b) sensitive skin

c) and in old age, under certain circumstances, with sudden onset of severe signs of aging.

4. Care routine

The grooming routine for men should be based on the “men’s problems” described above

(a) clean or remove excess oil without further irritating or drying out skin that is already stressed by shaving and/or

b) have an anti-aging effect.

It is difficult for individual products to cover the diverse needs of men's facial skin and several products or steps are often necessary in the care routine. It also becomes clear what trouble men can cause their skin by simply using ordinary soap or substances containing alcohol on their facial skin, which dry out and irritate the skin. Against this background, dealing with the many products or steps in care routines no longer seems like a luxury or “women’s issue”.

The individual steps of care routines partly overlap in their function. This is because the steps or products of the care routine complement each other in some functions. For example, it may be helpful to supplement oil-based facial cleansers with water-based gels later in the routine to combat MORE FORMS of impurities.

The key functions of the steps are shown in bold in brackets below, if such a key function exists. Depending on the individual problems, a routine is put together based on the key functions. As always in life, there is no “one size fits all” solution. By gaining experience, you have to get to grips with the care routine that “works” for you.

Gentle cleansing of men's facial skin is approached by:

1. Mild facial cleanser (Function: Cleanses, Moisturizes)

2. Toner (Function: Cleanses, Moisturizes, Reduces Sensitivity/Irration )

3. Gels (Function: Cleanses, Moisturizes, Reduces Sensitivity/Irration)

4. Creams (function: moisturizes, reduces sensitivity/irritation, anti-aging effect)

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If you are interested in going into further detail on individual points, we have a long version of the article including a bibliography and explanatory videos in our skin blog .