Heiko und Minh stehen am Tresen

Holy moly - the perfect burger

Holy Moly!

Four years ago, Heiko and Minh from the Taunus district near Frankfurt fulfilled a wish in their lives: their own (and a really good one!) burger shop.

Holy Moly's cheeseburger
Holy Moly's cheeseburger

From the wall color to the dried flowers in empty gin bottles - the love is in the details. The boys also did everything themselves. “We won’t do a store like this again, it was really exhausting,” says Minh with a laugh. “We also had the color of the walls on our minds. At some point we thought: let’s buy masks, that’s somehow not healthy.” They dragged 1.3 tons of wood into the store and used it to make tables and counters. But it was worth it.

Dried flowers in gin bottles
From the burgers to the decoration: everything is homemade

Dark colors, super comfortable seats, excellent burgers, delicious cakes, creative shakes, high-quality coffee and good music. “Hopefully people like our music selection too. We want to create an atmosphere where people can meet up with friends and have a good time,” says Heiko. They did that too. We in the BABA CARE team eat at Holy Moly Burger at least once a week. At least.

Cheeseburger Holy Moly lunch menu

Our all-time favorite: The cheeseburger lunch menu

The menu offers a few special highlights such as the blue cheese burger with Ayvar or the BBQ rib burger with honey barbecue ribs. If you've always wanted to know what a duck burger tastes like, you should definitely come by this Christmas season. And the veggie heart is also catered for with a vegetarian mushroom cheeseburger or a vegan burger with hummus and chickpea patty. For a real treat on cheat day, we recommend the Chilly Cheese Fries and the Peanut Butter Milkshake.

Peanut Butter Cup Milkshake

Sweet and salty combination: the peanut butter milkshake

Beef from the region, the brioche rolls from the local baker, taste like in a fairy tale. Everything is crispy, fresh and prepared with heart. We love the burgers. But the fairy tale doesn't start off as rosy as it seems. Heiko says: “You have this euphoria at the beginning when you have a business idea - but you should stay realistic. Ideally, you and your business partner think similarly. For us, I can say that it suits us very well. I think we have the worst situations behind us, currently with the special case of Corona. That wasn't easy: time, effort, psychological stress, responsibility towards the employees. Getting through this with Minh was crucial. Cry on each other's shoulders and then strengthen each other. If I imagine having to go through that alone, I probably would have had a tough time.”

Heiko and Minh from Holy Moly
Heiko and Minh - both left their jobs for the dream

Choosing a business partner is like choosing a spouse

Minh on the topic of self-employment: “If you want to enter into a business relationship with your best friend or someone from your family, then it is best if both of you actively do 50% of the work. So it's much, much, much easier than if you do it alone. These are the advantages of a partnership when starting a company. But there are also a lot of disadvantages. Choosing a business partner is just as big a decision as choosing a spouse, because in the end it also affects the ugly factor of money, which triggers arguments.”

The Holy Guacamoly
For the avocado lover: The Holy Guacamoly


Burger is a universal language

Stepping into the catering industry is a brave step. Having a partner at your side has many advantages, but it also needs to be clearly coordinated. We asked the boys why they chose the burger given all the culinary delights in the Frankfurt area.

Minh: “We always liked eating burgers and have often been to America. At some point there were too many burger shops in Frankfurt and here in the Taunus there were simply none. Many people from the surrounding area now come here. We love burgers, even when we met privately we always grilled burgers.

The establishment of Holy Moly
Holy Moly's seating areas invite you to linger

Heiko: “Burger is also something of a universal language. In the world of food, it's hard to find anyone who has never had a burger or doesn't like it. I am very grateful that it works so well here. If you look at the store here in the evening, there is really everything there, from young to old. From loose sneakers to trade fair guests in tight suits - you will find what we want to address: everyone. That’s what defines our urban concept: we get everyone together.”

Burgers and skincare

Of course BABA CARE wants to know: You put a lot of love into your business - what about self-care and your skin? Do you use cosmetics?

Minh: “It's actually getting more and more. Before I didn't pay attention to anything, now I even have a night cream and a day cream." Heiko also pays attention to skincare: “I went to the perfumery with my friend because we wanted to buy her cream. The saleswoman noticed that I was also looking around the shelves and also searching. She did it very cleverly. Then she put together a facial for me that wasn’t specifically tailored to men, but at least to that skin type.”

Good coffee at Holy Moly

Happy ending: coffee as the perfect ending

To our last question to the boys: “Where in everyday life do you have routines that you can’t live without?” Heiko answers calmly: “Fortunately, our days start relatively relaxed. A classic morning routine: coffee.”

By the way, you can also get coffee at Holy Moly. And it also tastes like the burger: excellent.