Jaquemus: Die Marke als Statement

Jaquemus: The brand as a statement

Jaquemus has long been known to insiders. The mini handbags were an instant classic and immediately changed the accessory game.
Valentine's Day 2022. It's a beautiful day in Marseille and designer Simon Porte Jaquemus posts a picture of himself and his partner by the pool. No Biggie it's February 14th. Normally you post a couple picture. The reactions on the internet were shocking. Puke emojis to discriminatory comments. Outraged customers wrote: “I don’t want your bags anymore.” Jaquemus could immediately say "My bag don't want you." "If you know how many gays are working at Jaquemus. We don't want you as homophobic potential clients. You don't deserve our products. Period."

Strong statements from brands that show their faces. Why should we tolerate intolerance? Precisely. While many brands are becoming more and more empty logo brands. Fortunately, there is a countermovement from brand makers who accept each other and challenge the norm.

The new campaign plays with classic feminine colors and shapes in both outfits and colors. A pink apron for Bad Bunny? Why not. Pastel colors and a man with a pink vest. Everything goes. Bad Bunny had often appeared in various daring outfits. He had skirts and painted fingernails even before Lil Nas X. When a transgender man was murdered in a women's restroom in Puerto Rico, Bad Bunny was there early on to show his face for tolerance. Fashion as a statement? If you are the most streamed artist on Spotify for sure. We celebrate musicians and designers who stand for tolerance.

When will you show your face? What do you stand for?

Copyright image: Le Splash campaign @Jaquemus

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