Heroes und Brands die wir feiern

Heroes and brands we celebrate

Heroes. There are so many cool creators, so many cool brands. We are fans, we celebrate it.

Heroes. There are so many cool creators, so many cool brands. We are fans, we celebrate it.


Hikmet Sugoer - I feel like Hikmet


Entrepreneur with heart and humor. I will never give away my Sucuk T-shirt. Solebox shoes are always very popular. Solebox became one of the GoTo sneaker stores. First in Berlin and eventually across Europe. Hikmet opened the next chapter in his life with heart. He has now sold the company to Snipes/Deichmann. His next brand "Sonra" was announced in December 2016. I still remember January 1, 2017, 6 p.m. when I tried to buy the bae. The shoes are Made in Germany of the best quality. Made in Pirmasens. A mix of his best colourways and new colors. My favorites are still the Grasshopper and the Pumpkin. The long-haired leather. A dream. The Porsche was the finest storytelling. He was recently able to buy the Porsche that he had to sell as a young man again. Big heart for his special projects. Designing a watch with meaning and your own bike. Bomb sharp. The carpet that came with the Puma x Sonra. Shoes Yipra, Baba. Follow his podcast. Follow his projects. It's just fun. Respect for the fact that he manages to make every drop something special at Sonra. The craziest thing was when he got everyone a bot for everyone who wanted a Sonra.

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Ronnie Fieg - The shared dream


I got to know him through his legendary Asics Gel Lyte III. Through his design, he has given the Asics brand a breath of fresh air. Kith stands for family/gang/clique/cohesion (in the sense of Kith and Kin). Ronnie started as a shoe salesman in New York and worked his way up. Even if KITH seems like a logo brand, it is a worldwide network. With the pop-up stores in Aspen and the legendary Adidas collabs, he pushed Adidas to peak boost. He is known for launching several thematic collabs at the same time (Puma x Colette x Kith). Also known for cool releases with artwork by Daniel Arsham in the stores. His passion for culinary delights and snacks comes to fruition in projects such as Kith Treats.


Fynn Kliemann - Do whatever you feel like doing


I was super late to the party. I clicked on his crane video and didn't check it. At some point, Olli Schulz heard his name more and more often on the podcast and then it took off. I started following him. The entrepreneur and musician came to the fore. At first I thought he was another one of those entertainment guys. He is too. As an entrepreneur, he knows how to play his exploitation chain perfectly. Everything he does creates and releases great content, even if he is only online for 24 hours. You should never miss how he does tricks around his yard on a snowmobile or how he does the strangest abseiling on the balcony. He renovates and renovates apartments, towers, houseboats and his own farm: The Kliemannsland. The main thing is that it is something special. Don't be afraid of risk. Budget is just a math problem. If so, then right. He needs interior stuff, so he buys it in bulk and sells it like a Mini Westwing on ldgg.de. Just do it boy. That's the spirit. He marketed his book particularly creatively by sending faxes to all bookstores. His record, produced and distributed on his own initiative with his own label and merch distributor, was an announcement to all labels and artists.


Daniel Benz - style confidence and competence



Asphaltgold fans know. There are many sneaker stores. There is only one Asphaltgold Cub. Daniel Benz is still probably the most stylish of them all. The selection in his stores is as if from a single source. No cabbage and turnips. He just makes it cool. Culture. Aesthetics. Dedication. Like many other heads here, he will also have mastered the art of simply gathering good people around him. You can also see this in the content. When Daniel steps in front of the camera with his colleagues and they talk to film sneakers, the cell phone screen explodes with expertise coupled with passion. Heart projects like the Eau de Parfum with the Woodberg Store also show that you simply have to have the courage to do the things that you find good. In his case, I just celebrate everything. Particularly cool: The Asics x Jugendstil collab with release at Mathildenhöhe was one of the peaks for Storecollabs ever. The concept of the shoe, far from all clichés, was awesome and has a scene.


Liah Yoo - The Fun in K-Beauty


Krave Beauty is the K-Beauty brand that's on the rise right now. We love Liah because she did everything on this DIY brand from scratch. The first pictures were simply shot herself with her iPhone and she still understood the look from the start. So authentically real and with a clear vision of what she wants. Your products are first class. Great Barrier Relief is truly one of the best serums on the market. The US market is being rolled out properly by her. With 4 clear products, it brings structure to care and has all the essentials with great ingredients. Liah plays social media just right. Always real, even with a bad skin day. Your travels and experiences as founders always show an eye for the special and convey the fun of skin care. It started as a brand for women, it became a brand that is now unisex. We're just fans. We hope that it will soon be officially shipped to Europe.