Mach mal Piano - Von Parmat bis Gonzales

Play the piano - From Parmat to Gonzales

Always just banging beats? Sometimes you need focus.

Always just banging beats? Sometimes you need focus.

Who does not know it. In the mood for music but you can no longer indulge in battle rap and pumping house beats in the evenings. Everyone just wants to come down and chill.

Pianists who are more than just slick. With his Cologne concert, Keith Jarrett started a path that is now finally arriving here and now to conquer our playlists.

Sofiane Pamart

The spirit of the streets on the piano. He has style and pulls it off. A penguin's tight tailcoat is out of the question. A free spirit at the piano. The French rap scene has already discovered him as a producer. And who knows what's to come.

PS: Sofiane, écrive-nous quand tu lise ceci. nous t'enverrons quelque chose :)

Olafur Arnalds

OK. OK. It gets even better. Olafur Arnalds invites you to close your eyes and bathe in soundscapes. With calm and style he manages to captivate opera houses and clubs alike.

He plays with a system that controls two pianos but also knows how to inspire on the piano alone.

The sound is of the Scandinavian type with a French influence.

Nils Frahm

Nils Frahm. Many people know Nils Frahm from the “Victoria” film score. Also known for electronic loop-oriented tracks. Says. ...... say no more. At concerts, Nils makes fun of it and plays the loop and then says "Look, no hands" during the track. The simplest loop is also its most hypnotic track. Our personal favorite is Screws. Go jogging and listen to Nils. You will feel like a new person afterwards.

Ludovico Einaudi

The soundtrack to Pretty Best Friends catapulted him into a new orbit. Sold-out stadiums speak for him. If you do your workout at home, you will feel better and perform your reps with more focus. Do a few push-ups especially in the morning and start your routine like Christian Bale - American Psycho.

Chilly Gonzales

Started out as Gonzales and performed as a rapper with Feist and Jamie Lidell. Now a producer and entertainer before the Lord, he can do everything. Author, freestyle rap, synths with Boys Noize, actor or just playing the piano with your feet. You should have seen it live. Shouldn't be missed.
Special recommendation: Chilly Gonzales and Kaiser Quartet. Solo piano is the perfect start to the day.