Propanediol – so wirkt der Stoff in deiner Kosmetik

Propanediol – this is how the substance works in your cosmetics

Many people suffer from brittle and dry skin. This is mainly because moisturizing is not on the daily agenda in most cases. Added to this is an unhealthy, high-fat diet and too little sleep, which is anything but good for your skin. For this reason, cosmetic products with propanediol as an ingredient relieve the burden on your skin and hair care. But how exactly does the active ingredient work and what is important?

Herbal active ingredients for ecological use

Propanediol is a natural and herbal humectant. Above all, the ecological sustainability makes the active ingredient a good alternative compared to the many chemical ingredients and supplements. By fermenting corn sugar, propanediol can be produced synthetically without having to initiate chemical processes.

For this reason, in a direct comparison, in most cases it is worth consciously choosing ecological versions and relying on sustainable materials. In most cases, not only the effect on the environment, but also skin compatibility is significantly better, as no chemicals have to intervene in the structure of the skin. Even in direct comparison to Prophylene Glycol, Propanediol makes a significantly better impression and relieves the strain on your skin around your cosmetics.

Relieving properties as a good solvent

At first glance, propanediol is not that easy to recognize. The lack of odor also contributes to the fact that the ingredient appears quite inconspicuous in cosmetics. However, the properties of the material in your skin are not at all inconspicuous. Propanediol keeps the water in the skin permanently and at the same time even attracts it from the outside. This means the skin stays even firmer in the long term.

In addition, the propanediol makes your skin softer and softer. This is not only visually noticeable, but also makes it easier for other ingredients from your cosmetics to penetrate. Although this also applies to harmful substances, these can easily be avoided with good skin care. Propanediol also serves as a solvent to combine the numerous ingredients and active ingredients and make your cosmetics more effective.

Further benefits related to the structure of your skin

Since the active ingredient is extremely compatible with your skin, you don't have to worry about using it correctly. In many cosmetics, propanediol leads to a noticeable lightness and significantly improves the properties of the skin. This also applies to its use as a care product for the eyes, which can only become problematic in a few cases thanks to its high tolerability.

When it comes to improving your skin's sensory abilities, propanediol is an excellent active ingredient. At the same time, the ingredient enhances the effects of other propylenes and improves your skin's ability to preserve. In combination with a convincing moisturizing function for your skin, nothing stands in the way of good use. In this way, INCI propanediol leads to even better care of your skin in order to relieve existing functions.

For this skin, propanediol becomes a good solution

While many chemical ingredients cause annoying irritations and reactions on the skin, this is not the case with propanediol. This is mainly due to its organic and plant-based nature, which means you don't have to worry about using it for a wide range of skin types. Irritation can only occur in isolated cases if the skin is very sensitive. It is therefore best to check for yourself how the products affect your skin and whether they have the desired effect and good results. Over time you will realize which concentration is right for you.

These cosmetics contain propanediol

If you are interested in a moisturizing facial serum, propanediol will usually be included on the ingredients list. It is also used in many masks and skin-soothing serums, which are often characterized by a moisturizing effect. The same applies to various anti-aging products in which propanediol has secured a permanent place over time. The ingredient can also be contained in many other cosmetic products.

The number of natural ingredients and humectants such as propanediol in cosmetic products will continue to increase in the future. One of the key advantages is that the materials are suitable for all common skin types and therefore rarely cause irritation. This means that the skin is certainly not lacking in moisture, making care possible without much effort.

Choose good and sustainable cosmetics!

In many cases, propanediol becomes a safe and functional product as part of your cosmetics. This increases the solubility of the entire product and allows your skin to stay fresh and pleasantly soft in the long term. If you also want to expand your cosmetic horizons, it's worth taking a look at our ingredient list. In this we will introduce you to both chemical and plant-based substances in more detail and help you benefit from real added value.