Centella Asiatica – so stärkt es deine Kosmetikroutine

Centella Asiatica – this is how it strengthens your cosmetic routine

Behind the name Centella Asiatica there is an exciting plant that in many cases makes an excellent impression on the skin. It has a regenerating, moisturizing and healing effect, which makes the plant known as pennywort an extremely good choice in many cosmetics. But how does Centella Asiatica actually affect your skin and what should you pay attention to in terms of compatibility? In this article we will show you what the plant can do.

Where does the pennywort in cosmetics come from?

Centella Asiatica is one of the best-known umbelliferous plants that comes from Southeast Asia. Over time, the plant has expanded to the entire area around the tropics and grows primarily near lakes and ponds. Other names for the well-known plant as an ingredient in your cosmetics are tiger grass, Asian pennywort or gotu cola, which all mean the same thing.

One of the advantages over other natural ingredients for your cosmetics is that they are easy to harvest throughout the year. The herb is available at any time of year and can be used as an effective ingredient in extracts or serums. Centella Asiatica makes a good impression to accelerate wound healing and have many other positive influences. You can find out more details below, where we will go into the effects of the plant on your skin.

This is the effect Centella Asiatica has on your skin

The Asian pennywort has been used in Chinese medicine for wound healing for many centuries. This is easily possible in every respect thanks to its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. It is precisely this ability to treat minor injuries that also makes it a good choice for use as a cosmetic active ingredient. This allows the skin to heal optimally.

In addition, collagen production in the skin cells is stimulated, which leads to an even firmer and more pleasant complexion. Together with the antibacterial effect, it is easy to react appropriately to wounds and inflammations. This is how you promote the regeneration of your skin and ensure that your skin feels better with Centella Asiatica. Tiger grass also helps to relieve wrinkles and other skin problems such as long-lasting scars.

Further effects related to healing and good processes

In addition to purely medical use, Centella Asiatica also enjoys a high reputation in cosmetics. Even if it is usually not visible on the packaging, the quality of the cultivation of the plant is also crucial for the actual effect. The better the growing region is in this case, the more effective the plant extract is in the respective cosmetics.

Thanks to its positive properties, Centella Asiatica is primarily used in anti-aging products to give the skin cells a firm structure. The production of additional collagen also plays a crucial role and ensures optimal wrinkle relief in the long term. Together with the skin-soothing properties for the skin, the active ingredient becomes a tolerable choice in many cases. So you are on the safe side, regardless of your skin type.

Does Centella Asiatica have certain side effects as an active ingredient?

Since the effect of the natural ingredient for cosmetic products is largely undisputed, the desired result is quickly recognizable. Side effects are not expected at normal dosage, which makes Centella Asiatica a good ingredient for your skin structure. When it comes to well-hydrated and radiant skin, the active ingredient will quickly help you with its soothing properties. In this regard, the Asian pennywort also soothes irritated skin and, with its pleasant ingredients, ensures that the skin always feels good.

Numerous options for successful use

While the leaves of the plant can be used fresh or dried, Centella Asiatica is used in cosmetics as a hydrosol. Use as an aqueous ethanolic extract is also conceivable at this point in order to be able to better integrate the ingredient into cosmetic products. Thanks to its healing effect, which can also be applied to the skin, Centella Asiatica is already present in numerous products and accelerates healing.

When it comes to a preventive treatment for your skin, pennywort becomes an interesting choice as an ingredient. Its use is often recommended especially for mature skin with slight signs of age, as the formation of new blood vessels is also stimulated. This means that after a single application, the skin is significantly better freed from wrinkles and other marks.

With Centella Asiatica for natural and good cosmetics

If you are looking for suitable ingredients with natural origins, you can rely on Centella Asiatica for an optimal structure. Not only in medicine, but also for cosmetic creams and serums against wrinkles, the pennywort is excellent. Please take a look at our other ingredients in the directory and find out which plants and other products are suitable for you. This means that the search for modern cosmetics does not become a problem.