Rough Life, Gentle Care


We are children of the street, born and raised in the big city, on the fringes of society, in the middle of life. Our handicap was our origins and our skin, our trump card was our upbringing and our solidarity.

We played the cards we were dealt. Sometimes we won, sometimes we lost, but we never gave up and complained that it was unfair. We learned that there are no shortcuts and that cheating is of no use, it only makes sense if you stick to the rules of the game throughout everything and then it's even more fun because no one can dispute anything with you.

Real respect, self-respect, is knowing that you have tried everything, again and again, every day. And when it's your turn again, you draw the next card with real dignity, no matter what, as an example for those who play again, those who come after, and for a better tomorrow.

Why skin care?

In order to play, we have to feel comfortable in our own skin. The skin is our first clothing, our first armor in everyday combat, in the daily struggle of tasks, problems and obligations. And she needs good, daily care. No matter what color, no matter what type. How much money do we spend on our clothes and our skin?

Selfcare is the foundation of every successful day, the basis not only to cope with everyday life, but also to have the strength, confidence and strength to take responsibility. As a man, father, brother and friend.


It's about not only finding your place in the world, but also making the world better. We celebrate all men on this tireless journey of greatness, discipline and truth and their daily toil, struggle and rebellion. For us, masculinity primarily means taking responsibility. So to stand up for values ​​and convictions, to protect, to provide, to lead and, above all, to CARE!:

  • Take CARE of yourself
  • Take CARE of family and community
  • Take CARE of business
  • Let others take CARE of you

our mission

Our goal is to help every man take more care of himself and feel good in his body by offering the best men's care with proven effects and good, high-quality ingredients at fair and affordable prices.

Seeing that the cosmetics industry has always neglected men's skin and body care and largely sells us dirt with poor ingredients as high quality and at the same time advertises us via DFB, Jogi Löw and Bayern Munich, is the reason for Baba Care.

We are breaking with the category, with the industry, with the establishment. We are loud, we are colorful, there are many of us. What connects us is authenticity, our values, our street regardless of origin, skin color, religion or social status.

Care.BABA. Care!