TOP 7 Handpflege Tipps für Männer

TOP 7 hand care tips for men

Especially in winter, the skin's protective film struggles with cold and dry heating air. The additional friction that the hands are exposed to in everyday life dries out the skin even more. Are you currently struggling with dry hands? Here are our TOP 7 tips for beautiful and supple hands! Men's edition ;)

1. Wash your hands - but wash them properly!

Washing your hands is more important than ever, especially during a pandemic. But here too there is a simple trick on how to wash your hands thoroughly and still not destroy the skin's protective film: a warm water temperature.
Warm water is “softer” than cold water because it binds less lime.

2. Disinfect hands properly

Alcohol in disinfectants is known to have a very drying effect - but this is unavoidable, especially at this time. Did you know that there are more bacteria in the fingertips and palms of the hands? If you concentrate on these areas when disinfecting, you will avoid dry cracks on the outside of your hands.

3. Apply lotion to your hands

You've probably heard this the most - it also brings a lot. But if you don't feel like constantly applying cream or simply forget to do it often, here's the ultimate tip: while you're applying cream to your face in the morning, simply moisturize your hands. Simply spread the remains of your face cream onto the palms of your hands. Do this every morning and you will see a big difference. Don't you trust your current facial care routine? Then try the Everyday Face Cream with prickly pear extract - it stores moisture in the skin for many hours 🌵

4. Showering dries you out

We love taking hotter showers than usual, especially in winter. This intense contact with water dehydrates the hands. Our tip: Don't shower too hot and, above all, don't shower for too long.

Hands with foam

5. Drink water

Who would have thought - water is good for the skin. The skin cells are supplied with more moisture and the skin is therefore supplied with more oxygen. In addition, vitality is improved and the hands no longer dry out as quickly.

6. Lifestyle (smoking + alcohol)

It might sound like a tip from grandmother, but we're serious: Smoking and alcohol increase the dryness of the skin, especially the hands, which are also our business card. If you often avoid smoking and alcohol, your skin will especially thank you.

7. Hand cream or hand lotion? What is better?

Many men probably don't even know that there are different types of hand care products. Here's the small but subtle difference: the hand lotion is lighter and more liquid than the hand cream. If you have slightly dry hands, a lotion is usually enough. If you often struggle with dry hands and need quick relief, you should use a hand cream.