Fettige Haut bei Männern – so gehst du gegen sie vor

Oily skin in men – this is how you deal with it

For many men, oily skin is part of everyday life. What on the one hand saves cream can, on the other hand, quickly develop into an unpleasant feeling on the skin over time. If you have oily skin, you usually don't lack moisture either. But only very few men are enthusiastic about permanently shiny skin, which is associated with pimples and impurities. Right here in this article we will show you what you can do against oily skin as a man at any time.

How do you recognize oily skin in your case?

If you suffer from oily skin, sebum production is usually significantly higher. Anyone who notices a slight shine on their facial skin in the mirror without having previously treated it with creams will recognize this as the first indication. In addition, there are enlarged pores, which also stimulate the production of sebum. You can find out more about this in the article on large pores in men.

Another characteristic of oily skin are pimples and blackheads, which usually form particularly easily in the so-called T-zone. The area between the chin, nose and forehead is a particular problem area for pimples and many other skin imperfections. With a comprehensive and structured cleanse, you can ensure that your skin does not remain too oily for long. But what exactly can oily skin be attributed to and which routines should you adapt to it?

These are the causes of oily skin

As already mentioned, oily skin becomes a real problem for many men. This is due to the production of the sex hormone testosterone, which further stimulates sebum production. In addition, your genes often also determine the quality and condition of your skin. For example, large pores do not necessarily have to be due to incorrect skin care. Genetic causes also play a central role in the extent. Nevertheless, with the right care you can react naturally to oily skin in order to protect yourself optimally.

The right approach to optimally care for your skin

In order to quickly get rid of the oily sheen on your skin, you should pay attention to a well-thought-out and structured approach. Intensive skin care in particular plays an important role in improving the surface structure and giving your men's skin its full structure. The following steps are always recommended for caring for oily skin on the face:

Remove the excess sebum immediately.

The sebaceous glands located in the many layers of skin often produce more sebum than you actually need. This makes the skin greasy much faster. For daily skin care, removing excess sebum is important in order to quickly eliminate impure skin.

Make sure your face is cleansed deep into the pores.

Above all, the regularity of your skin care is crucial for effective treatment. For this reason, don't just cleanse your skin once a day, but relieve it both in the morning and in the evening. A mild peeling can also be a relief when cleansing your face.

Care for your skin with gentle products.

It is precisely this gentleness that becomes the most important basis for successful care. Grab yours
It is best to cleanse your skin with moisturizing and light lotions that promise your skin the desired calming effect. This allows you to take active action against the impurities.

Work on a regular routine.

With one-time good skin care you will only achieve limited success in the long term. For this reason, work the right skin care routine into your everyday life in the long term. This is the only way to prevent impure skin from returning over time and ruining the work.

Which care products are suitable for oily skin?

With the right care, you have the best chance of preventing oily skin from becoming a problem for you in the long term. When washing and shaving, use a light gel, facial cleanser and additional moisturizer. When buying the cream, make sure that it is not greasy and favors oily skin. It's best to use the new moisturizer immediately after shaving to protect your skin from new redness.

You should also not neglect facial cleansing and the associated drying. If possible, pat your face dry with a towel and avoid scrubbing it too hard. Excessive friction on the top layer of skin can quickly stimulate the production of new sebum in the skin. This is exactly what you want to avoid if your skin is too oily.

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This way you can protect yourself from oily skin in advance

However, the practical care routines in conjunction with suitable creams do not necessarily have to be a problem for you. If oily skin isn't just genetic, you can't go wrong with the right products combined with a healthy diet. A good, moisturizing cream and practical UV protection will protect you from unwanted reactions from your skin. This way you keep sebum production under control and protect the skin.

In addition, nicotine, alcohol and spicy food also become the basis of oily skin. The same applies to hormonal changes, which is the most common reason for increased sebum production during puberty. Other problems such as stress and hectic pace should also not affect your everyday life so that you can successfully protect your men's skin from oiliness.

Benefit from the best care tips for men

If you have oily skin type, you shouldn't wait long to adjust your care routine. This way you can ensure that your skin improves quickly without problems like acne or lots of new pimples becoming a challenge for you. Oily skin is particularly noticeable on the face. It's best to take a look at our article on the right face cream for men to find out more about the perfect care routine.