Wassernabelextrakt – nachhaltiger Schutz für Haut und Augen

Pennywort extract – sustainable protection for skin and eyes

Are you looking for a practical active ingredient that will give your skin more shine and radiance? With natural pennywort extract, these properties are guaranteed to be present in your cosmetics. The pennywort extract is also known as tiger grass or Indian pennywort. But what does the ingredient actually do as part of your cosmetics? That's exactly what we'll show you in this article and present what you should pay attention to when using it.

Where does Centella Asiatica come from as a good ingredient?

The pennywort is a very undemanding plant to grow. This has the advantage that it can now not only be cultivated in Asia. Basically, it feels comfortable in any semi-shady to shady place where the soil is sufficiently moist. By forming runners, the pennywort even reproduces on its own. The Centella Asiatica can develop well not only directly on the ground, but also at altitudes of up to 1,900 meters. So nothing stands in the way of an excellent application.

But not only the pennywort extract, but the entire plant plays a key role historically as an important medicinal product. Today, it is difficult to imagine life without the extract, especially in traditional Chinese medicine. However, the herb-like plant is now also widespread in Germany due to its positive active ingredients. However, this applies above all to its use as an ingredient in cosmetics in order to directly transfer the good properties.

Practical advantages for an excellent effect

A look at pennywort extract as an active ingredient shows that natural cosmetics can help with many problems and skin conditions. At the same time, the extract is naturally free of any form of chemistry, which makes it noticeably easier to use. The following effects and properties become a good basis for optimal use at this point:

  • Antibacterial effect

When it comes to a clean and healthy skin feeling, the antibacterial effect becomes a decisive advantage. In cosmetics, pennywort extract is a good solution for eliminating bacteria in the skin in the long term and improving the feeling of the skin again.

  • Moisturizing

Additional moisture becomes an important approach, especially for dry skin. This makes it easy for you to skillfully compensate for a deficiency and relieve the strain on your skin. Pennywort extract can also be helpful as an active ingredient for the eyes and the associated bags under the eyes.

  • Strongly anti-inflammatory

If inflammation has developed on your skin, pennywort extract becomes a very good active ingredient. It gives you the opportunity to calm your skin again in a natural way. So the pennywort is very beneficial for your skin health.

  • Antioxidant effect

The antioxidant effect of pennywort extract makes it easy to protect the organism from too much stress, which is also beneficial for the skin. The pennywort extract soothes your skin and provides additional long-term relief in cosmetics.

In this way, pennywort extract relieves you of the burden of daily care

In order to use pennywort extract to strengthen your skin structure, daily use of natural cosmetics is recommended. This makes it easy to benefit from an immediate feeling of freshness on the skin, which is mainly due to the moisturizing effect. In the form of a mixture of several peptides, the density of your skin is actively increased in the long term, which can also be beneficial for the eyes. But which cosmetics contains the extract?

It's mostly creams and moisturizing serums that rely on pennywort as a practical and natural plant. But special cleansing gels and similar products are increasingly relying on pennywort extract to combine its many positive properties. There are currently no known side effects from using the extract.

Natural active ingredients for regular use

For perfect application of the creams and care products with pennywort extract, we recommend working with as small amounts as possible. This means that the creams can be distributed much better over the entire face without reducing their effect. This applies not only to using the extract on the skin, but also in the eye area. If you want to apply additional make-up, this only makes sense after the cream has dried successfully.

A real natural substance awaits you with the pennywort extract, which can clearly relieve you in everyday life from a cosmetic point of view. Because the plant occurs naturally, you don't have to worry about negative effects on yourself or the environment when using your cosmetics. This is precisely the advantage of sustainable natural cosmetics, which are usually offered in conjunction with pennywort extract. But it's best to take a closer look at the other ingredients. There you can see exactly what your cosmetics contain and what you need to pay attention to.

Further tips for choosing your natural cosmetics

The many positive examples quickly show that pennywort extract is ideal as a natural substance for eye cream, but also for classic care products. To complement this idea, please take a look at the other ingredients from our lexicon to understand more about the composition of your cosmetics. This way you can see at a glance which ingredients are worthwhile for your cosmetics and which you should stay away from.