Tocopherol – was steckt hinter dem Wirkstoff für deine Haut?

Tocopherol – what is behind the active ingredient for your skin?

The generic term tocopherol stands for eight different forms of the fat-soluble vitamin E. Both production in a synthetic process and isolation and extraction from natural oils are possible at this point. The concentrations also differ depending on the effect of the tocopherols, which makes the ingredients a good choice for various cosmetics. In this article we will show you what effect tocopherol has in cosmetics and what is important for you.

The vitamin E it contains contributes to your skin care

Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant that is intended to protect your skin from free radicals. While new molecules are constantly being created through natural metabolic processes, countless skin fats, proteins and membranes are disrupted. By supplementing tocopherol, the amount of vitamin E in the body can be increased again to relieve your skin.

Tocopherols are particularly useful for dry skin as they provide the skin with additional moisture. This means the skin stays fresh for much longer and can be optimally sealed through the use of creams and practical serums. To naturally strengthen your skin barrier, vitamin E is an excellent choice to increase its elasticity in the long term and at the same time skillfully remove new impurities. This also always slows down the formation of new wrinkles.

The regenerative ability of tocopherol for your skin

The regeneration of your skin is also one of the many benefits that comes from the tocopherols in your cosmetics. If inadequate care is taken, small cracks will appear in the skin over time, which will contribute to the formation of wrinkles and redness. These not only look unsightly, but can also become the starting point for extremely serious skin diseases.

Supplementing vitamin E with your cosmetics automatically leads to an enormous anti-aging effect in order to avoid skin aging as best as possible. Not only tocopherol, but also many other ingredients have this effect. We would be happy to present these to you in more detail in our directory. However, tocopherol with its many subcategories has developed into one of the best solutions when it comes to strengthening your skin's natural protective barrier.

Positive properties for long-lasting skin care

The positive effects can be seen after just a few uses of cosmetic products with vitamin E. This does not only apply to the also helpful protection against UV radiation. Other properties such as regeneration of the skin and increasing freshness also make a good impression. We have summarized the good features again below:

  • Strengthening your skin's protective barrier
  • Quick action against dry skin
  • Promotes new cell formation in your skin
  • Antioxidant and relieving skin effect
  • Sealing and internal protection of your skin

In addition, there are also tocotrienols in the area of ​​vitamin E, which are also occasionally found in cosmetics. The effectiveness of this ingredient is around 60 times higher than the classic tocopherol. Like all substances in the vitamin E category, tocotrienols are also characterized by their antioxidant effect and relieve the strain on your skin. This makes it easy for you to benefit from a calming effect on your skin and optimally reduce stress reactions.

Tocopherol is generally used in these cosmetics

The many vitamins are found in numerous cosmetics. This applies, for example, to classic moisturizing care, but also to special facial creams regardless of skin type. Thanks to its many positive effects, tocopherol impresses with its enormous flexibility to relieve the body and at the same time strengthen the feeling of your skin. Another application is sun protection products. Since tocopherols also protect against UV radiation, the properties also help you protect your skin from the sun. The protective products can be used not only in summer.

This is what matters when it comes to the correct dosage of the substances

Even though vitamin E is generally very helpful and effective as an ingredient in your cosmetics, the right dose plays a crucial role. Clinical studies have shown that a concentration of between one and two percent is completely sufficient in most cases. Concentrations around five percent are also conceivable, but they shouldn't be much higher for frequent use on your skin. This is how you get the most out of your cosmetics.

Since many cosmetic products contain other active ingredients in addition to tocopherol, you should also keep an eye on the concentration of the other elements. With natural cosmetics, however, it is usually sufficient to check the contents and read again here in our directory. This will let you know whether the cosmetics are good for you.

More details about the ingredients of your new cosmetics

A simple look at the product itself shows the quantity and dosage of varieties such as alpha tocopherols in your cosmetics. In most cases, vitamin E is a real relief to protect your skin and prevent pathogens from penetrating . Many tocopherols are also organic in nature and are ideal for organic and sustainable cosmetics. In this way you combine effectiveness and value.