Sojaöl – so wirkt der Inhaltsstoff in der Kosmetik

Soybean oil – this is how the ingredient works in cosmetics

Soybean oil – this is how the ingredient works in cosmetics

While soybean oil, which comes from China and Japan, is primarily known in the kitchen, the oil is also used in cosmetic products. This is a plant-based product that can be obtained directly from soybeans. The essential fatty acids it contains are one of the central reasons that make soybean oil a good choice for cosmetics. Below we will show you how to best use soybean oil cosmetically and what you should pay attention to.

These ingredients are found directly in soybean oil

With soybean oil from purely organic cultivation, you can rely on many good ingredients. This applies, for example, to palmitic acid, but also to oleic acid, stearic acid and, above all, to linoleic acid, which is the most abundant with a lecithin content of up to 3.8 percent. This makes soybean oil an exciting choice in many areas to provide good relief for the skin with its properties.

Due to the many possible uses, soybean oil has developed into a real mass product over the years. Soy cultivation increased dramatically in South America and the USA in order to meet the increased demand. Soybean oil makes an excellent impression not only in cosmetics, but also for use directly in the kitchen. However, the largest share of large-scale cultivation is the use of soy as suitable livestock feed.

Positive effects for use on the skin

In this article, however, we would like to focus primarily on soybean oil as a component of your cosmetics. The soybean oil has a subtle smell and is an exciting alternative to the very popular avocado oil. Different types of soybean oil are also responsible for different effects. Soybean oil that is low in lecithin is often absorbed more quickly.

Since native soybean oil fluidizes the cell membranes and regulates the keratinization process, you can rely on the ingredient to provide good solutions for every skin type. You are on the safe side if you have oily skin, combination skin or dry skin. In addition, there are positive properties in the area of ​​skin moisturizing, which makes soybean oil a good choice in many natural cosmetic products. The production always remains ecological.

Soybean oil can be used cosmetically

When it comes to the cosmetic use of soybean oil, you should differentiate between facial care and body care. Thanks to the composition of the diverse fatty acids, you can rely on a positive effect on your organism. The following applications characterize the care at this point and actively advance your cosmetics:

Facial care

In order to integrate soybean oil into your facial care as well as possible, it is suitable to use it in the evening together with your usual care cream. It is worth first treating your face with a mild cleansing care product and adding two drops of soybean oil. This means you don't necessarily have to buy new cosmetics that contain soybean oil; you can simply add the oil yourself. This allows you to remain flexible regarding the amount of oil.

personal hygiene

In addition to dish care, body care is also an important approach to integrating soybean oil into your everyday life. For example, a good approach is to combine several drops of the oil with a moisturizing lotion or other products. One of the many options for use is to avoid excessive drying of your skin by winds and other weather conditions. In this case, add a little more soy oil to your skin and massage the active ingredient in directly.

Using soybean oil directly in the kitchen

Aside from its cosmetic benefits, soybean oil can also be used excellently for cooking or frying. However, this applies not only to meat and other pan-fried dishes, but also to your own dips or salads. Since the smoke point of soybean oil is 230 degrees, the oil becomes an exciting choice for many pan-fried dishes. However, both in the kitchen and with new cosmetics, you should first test the soybean oil carefully. In this way, you can quickly find out whether you tolerate the ingredients well or whether other remedies would be more suitable.

Soybean oil is now found in these products

If you don't want to combine soybean oil with your cosmetics yourself, the oil is of course also available in many products. If possible, keep an eye on the concentration so that you can better assess and understand the proportion of oils. In most cases, less is more when it comes to soybean oil, so that the positive properties of the original cosmetic are not drowned out. When used well and correctly, the oil leads to a fresher and significantly firmer effect.

Soy oil containing linoleic acid is a good choice for all skin types to give your skin the freshness it needs. The quick and easy effect ensures that integrating it into your daily skin care routine is definitely worth it for you. The fatty acids in soybean oil are a good choice for the ongoing care of your skin and contribute to a supple skin feeling.

Further details about the ingredients of the cosmetics

Ingredients such as soybean oil are a good alternative to the many chemicals that are still very common in cosmetics. If you are looking for a completely herbal remedy that is suitable for all types of skin, soybean oil as an active ingredient becomes a good choice. Soybean oil offers the desired benefits not only directly as a cooking oil, but also as an ingredient in cosmetics. Feel free to take a look at our other articles in the glossary and get informed now.