Seifenrinden Baumextrakt – ein guter Ansatz für die Reinigung der Haut

Soap bark tree extract – a good approach for cleansing the skin

Natural active ingredients are more in demand than ever when it comes to the modern effect of your own cosmetics. This also applies to the soap bark tree extract, which is now found in many products. But what effect does the extract actually achieve as part of cosmetics and how can the skin be freed from impurities in the best possible way? In this article we will show you how soap bark tree extract as an ingredient relieves you and how it can be used safely.

The origin of soap bark tree extract as an ingredient

The soapbark tree is an evergreen plant that is particularly important in South America. Since the bark contains saponins, it is often used as a soap substitute. This also explains the name of the soap bark tree extract, as it is found in cosmetics. But the plant is not only known as a soapbark tree, but also as a quillaja. Specifically, it is still actively cultivated in Chile, Bolivia and Peru and grows at altitudes of up to 2,000 meters. After a few years, the tree itself usually reaches a height of an impressive 16 to 19 meters outdoors.

Since the bark already has a naturally cleansing effect as a substitute for soap, its use as part of cosmetics is not far away. This is why the extract is increasingly being used in cosmetics to promote aspects such as cleanliness and comfort. One of the key advantages is that the soap bark tree extract remains completely natural. This means that no synthetic intervention is necessary for use as cosmetics, which can change the effect.

What effect does the soap bark tree extract actually have?

As already mentioned, the active ingredient primarily has a cleansing function. This is based specifically on the saponins contained in the bark, which contribute to the natural foam formation. If you come across the terms washing bark, washing suds or soapwood during your research, in most cases these are the same active ingredients that are also found in cosmetics.

But the extract doesn't just make a good impression when it comes into direct contact with the skin. In its powdered form, the active ingredient is also used in detergents to transfer the cleaning functions to clothing. The approval of soap bark tree extract as a food additive also proves that the extract is completely non-toxic. There, the soap bark is primarily used for frothing drinks in order to always easily replace synthetic products.

In addition to the effects mentioned, the extract also has a medicinal effect. The soap bark was used many years ago by the natives of South America to treat respiratory and skin diseases. The same applies to using the bark for flu and colds. Hardly any other cosmetic active ingredient is as diverse.

These cosmetics contain soap bark tree extract

Since the soap bark tree extract acts as a surfactant and contributes to the formation of foam, it is often found in shampoos and shower gels. However, the natural function of cleaning contributes to the fact that the extract is also contained in many cleaning products. Regular use in particular can ensure a lasting effect that has a positive effect on your skin. Below we have presented the uses of soap bark tree extract again:

  • Cosmetic effect in facial cleansing
  • Use for foam production in cosmetics
  • In creams ideal for make-up removal
  • Additional use as a food additive

However, since in this article we are specifically referring to its use as an ingredient in cosmetics, it is worth taking a look at its functionality for the skin. Due to its effect, the extract is particularly recommended for dry skin or even dandruff. Thanks to the always natural composition, you can easily treat skin problems without chemicals.

Natural active ingredients for lasting, sustainable use

If you are looking for a practical facial cleanser, soap bark tree extract is one of the central natural active ingredients. It is always advisable to integrate the products into daily care and noticeably simplify the processes. Of course, cosmetics containing soap bark tree extract can also be combined with other products. This makes it easy to reduce the burden on your own care routines and further increase cleanliness.

One of the biggest advantages is that the extract is a purely natural substance. Plant extracts like this have a very calming effect and do not harm the skin. This is one of the most important basic requirements, especially for stressed and very sensitive skin. It's best to see for yourself about the soapbark tree.

Learn more about ingredients like soap bark tree extract

A look at the many ingredients in cosmetics often makes it difficult to correctly assign each name. In most cases, however, you should be suspicious, especially when there are numerous chemical names. In order to offer you the safety you need, you will find the appropriate information right here in our ingredient lexicon. This applies to natural active ingredients such as soap bark tree extract, but also to chemical substances and many other cosmetic additives.