Saccharum officinarum – ein guter Zusatz für die Haut

Saccharum officinarum – a good additive for the skin

Behind the name Saccharum officinarum lies the simple term sugar cane. The plant plays a central role, especially in the production of food, due to its high sugar content. Sugar cane alone covers around 50% of the world's sugar needs. But Saccharum officinarum is not only a suitable ingredient for sweetening various foods. Sugar cane also makes a very good impression as an ingredient in cosmetics.

Where exactly does Saccharum officinarum come from?

However, before we go into the cosmetic benefits of the tropical crop, we will tell you a little more about its origins. Sugar cane comes from the sweet grass family, which includes more than 3,000 subspecies. The plant is cultivated successfully, especially in the eastern part of Asia, and provides a large part of the local diet. However, as soon as the climate around the harvest and cultivation of Saccharum officinarum is suitable, this will now also be possible at other locations. Sugar cane has already established itself in Germany.

As with many other ingredients in cosmetics, the plant is also known by many other names. The names sugar syrup, sugar cane extract or black strap powder usually mean the same active ingredient. Since it is a purely organically grown plant, the sugar juice can also be used for natural cosmetics. So it's a definitely good sign if Saccharum officinarum extract appears on the list of ingredients.

This is how Saccharum officinarum works for your cosmetics

While sugar cane primarily produces a sweet effect in food, this is fundamentally different in cosmetics. The official INCI function is a moisturizing and always skin-care effect to further refine creams and serums. At the same time, the sugar plant inhibits the growth of microorganisms, which is extremely beneficial for clear skin.

Saccharum officinarum can be an important ingredient, especially for more stressed and oily skin. Since it noticeably reduces excess sebum production, cosmetics with sugar cane become a good remedy against the formation of pimples. This ensures that you will come across Saccharum officinarum in the ingredient list of many oily skin care products. The additional moisture means your skin doesn't dry out but stays fresh.

Ideal for reducing sebum production

As already mentioned, Saccharum officinarum becomes a good choice especially for reducing sebum production. Due to the increased water content that is transferred to the skin with the help of creams and serums, your skin structure remains in good condition over time. This is crucial, especially in the already cold winter, in order to noticeably relieve your skin at all times.

The moisturizing effect is also an important advantage when it comes to repair cosmetics for stressed or dry skin. The ingredients become an important tool not only as a preventive measure, but also when there are already existing traces and destruction.

The stalks of sugar cane that are used for food do not differ much from the cosmetic additive. Only the form of processing is ultimately responsible for the effect of Saccharum officinarum. It's best to take a look at the proportion of sugar cane extract in your cosmetics and find out how strong the effect can be.

What cosmetics is Saccharum officinarum suitable for?

It is clear, of course, that sugar cane extract without other additives and ingredients only has a very limited effect. Nevertheless, many products in natural cosmetics deliberately rely on the moisturizing effect of the juice. The active ingredient Saccharum officinarum is already found in many creams, serums, facial cleansers and moisturizers. Since sugar cane is a completely natural substance, its production is also harmless.

If you can find references to sugar cane extract on the ingredient list of your cosmetics at this point, it won't be difficult to use. Saccharum officinarum is an effective ingredient both preventatively for healthy skin types and as a quick and direct treatment for stress and increased sebum production. In direct comparison with other peptides, it is also extremely effective. So you can always rely on reliable cosmetic use.

Other herbal ingredients for modern cosmetics

In order to use high-quality cosmetics without annoying chemicals, sugar cane extract is a good additive. As a natural peptide, Saccharum officinarum meets all the requirements that are desirable for intensive and effective natural cosmetics. If you want to keep your skin in good condition over the long term, we can only warmly recommend the extract. If you are also interested in other ingredients and additives of natural cosmetics, you will like our lexicon. You can find out more about the ingredients in your cosmetics directly in the directory.