Provitamin B5 – ein guter Wirkstoff für die Kosmetik

Provitamin B5 – a good active ingredient for cosmetics

Provitamin B5 is already known primarily as an active ingredient in wound and healing ointments. But the ingredient is becoming increasingly important not only for active pain relief, but also in various cosmetics. But what exactly is provitamin B5 and how does the additive work as a component of your cosmetics? With this article in our ingredient lexicon, we will take a closer look at the function and effects of provitamin B5 and provide you with detailed information here.

Provitamin B5 acts as a natural substance

Even if the name suggests it at first glance, panthenol is not a real vitamin. Contact with the skin or hair is necessary for a successful conversion. Only there is provitamin B5 converted into D-panthothenic acid, which is also noticeable in the resulting effect. Even with a low concentration of provitamin B5, the barrier function of your own skin can be expanded. At the same time, the ingredient has also been proven to stimulate the production of new skin cells and leads to new skin layers even with a single application.

This is an important advantage not only for accelerating wound healing, but also for slowing down skin aging. The skin feels significantly lighter and more supple after the first use. In addition, creams with provitamin B5 also improve the elasticity of your skin and stimulate water retention in the stratum corneum. This makes cosmetics with provitamin B5 a very popular application for all skin types.

High effectiveness meets good skin feeling

But not only the positive properties for your skin, but also the practical effect becomes a decisive advantage. This means you are protected even with low concentrations when it comes to a compact and wound-healing effect. The aim of using cosmetics with provitamin B5 is always to strengthen the skin barrier and further increase natural protection. The ingredient is therefore an excellent basis for both shampoos and classic day care. So why not try cosmetics with provitamin B5 yourself?

The active ingredient is ideal for use not only for additional moisture, but also to relieve pain and redness. This applies, for example, after a tattoo, as in this case the skin requires additional protection. An ointment with provitamin B5 is definitely suitable for relieving itching and soothing the skin. The same effect also occurs in the context of classic cosmetics to firm up your skin structure as best as possible.

This cosmetic already contains provitamin B5

As mentioned at the beginning, provitamin B5 is becoming increasingly important due to its moisturizing effect. This also applies to the cosmetic sector, which is why creams and cleansing products for the face now often contain panthenol. Even as a hair shampoo, the substance with its high proportion of pantothenic acid quickly develops the desired effect. It intensively cleanses the scalp and at the same time ensures that care is noticeably improved. With provitamin B5, which can also be referred to as dexpanthenol, you can expect a natural ingredient.

In order to maintain the positive effects of provitamin B5 over the long term, the ingredient should be reintroduced to your body regularly. This has the advantage that new pantothenic acid is constantly being produced, which also helps tighten your skin. The active ingredients quickly lead to a significantly better feeling on the skin and impress with their pleasant structure in the long term. A high vitamin B5 level is said to be the perfect approach even against headaches and fatigue.

Ideal for sunburn prevention

Another function that we haven't gone into in detail yet is the relief and even prevention of sunburns. This is mainly because the converted form of dexpanthenol promotes the formation of new skin cells. A look at various sun creams and after-sun preparations quickly shows how often the active ingredient is already contained in the products. If you use it correctly, you no longer have to worry about possible sunburns.

The abundance of positive functions makes provitamin B5 a good choice for use in the respective areas. This applies, for example, to wound healing, but also to the additional moisture of your skin. At the same time, cosmetics with provitamin B5 actively increase the formation of skin cells, expand elasticity and lead to significantly more flexibility for daily use. So it's worth using moisturizing creams and shampoos with provitamin B5. However, it remains the first choice not only for daily use, but also for injuries.

Practical ingredients without serious side effects

As a modern and effective cosmetic, panthenol stands for real diversity and ensures that pantothenic acid is produced. Even in low concentrations, the skin benefits from the addition of the vitamin and can be noticeably relieved in this way. If you are also interested in other ingredients and substances in your cosmetics, it is worth taking a look at our ingredient list. There we will show you in detail which substances are suitable for your natural cosmetics and what is worth it.