Pentylene Glycol

Pentylene Glycol

Pentylene Glycol – ideal for safe preservation

With the right ingredients, it is easy to care for the skin in the long term and eliminate impurities as much as possible. However, to ensure that the creams used do not attract bacteria and fungi themselves, appropriate preservation is important. In order to be able to do without conventional means of preservation, it is important to have good alternatives. Pentylene glycol is a good choice so that your own cosmetics can be preserved even without dangerous ingredients.

What exactly is Pentylene Glycol in cosmetics?

Basically, Pentylene Glycol, also known as pentylene glycol, is a harmless, dihydric alcohol. While conventional cosmetics often use other substances such as parabens, Pentylene Glycol always remains harmless to the skin. In order not to miss out on the preservation effect, many people rely on pentylene glycol.

This makes it easy to avoid harmful substances such as parabens or denatured alcohol. In addition, cosmetics with Pentylene Glycol usually have a significantly longer shelf life without the creams having to be used up very quickly. The concentration of the agent is usually between three and five percent in order to benefit from a good effect. Due to its colorless and odorless structure, pentylene glycol is not even noticeable in cosmetics.

Pentylene glycol is an impressive active ingredient for creams and serums

One of the biggest advantages is that Pentylene Glycol is not harmful in any form of use. It is not without reason that the natural preservative is already used in countless cosmetics to provide a non-toxic and non-hazardous solution. Since the skin tolerates the preservative very well, you don't have to worry about irritation and irritation.

However, the active ingredients it contains are not only beneficial for the cosmetic effect, but also for your skin. Since Pentylene Glycol is excellent at binding water, the material provides your skin with a lot of moisture. As a humectant, the active ingredient is basically comparable to hyaluronic acid and glycerin, as these components also contribute to the distribution of the active ingredients. The pentylene glycol helps ensure that your natural cosmetics last even longer in everyday life.

These distinctions exist with the ingredient Pentylene Glycol

If your cosmetics already contain pentylene glycol, there may still be differences. A distinction is made between conventional and green pentylene glycol. While glycols were often made from petroleum in the past, this process is now only artificial. The classic pentylene glycol is based in its original form on the unripe juice of sugar beets, which is now also completely replaced synthetically.

However, there is now a green version of this preservative that has better properties and is more environmentally friendly. The fabric is based on the remains of sugar cane and corn cobs, which allows you to skilfully reduce your ecological footprint. Added to this is the better feeling on the skin, which has already been scientifically confirmed. Since the humectant is absorbed into the skin even more quickly, the effect is more pleasant. Products with the ecological version of Pentylene Glycol therefore have a clear effective advantage.

Does Pentylene Glycol work as an ingredient with anti-aging benefits?

Since Pentylene Glycol is not a classic active ingredient, an anti-aging effect is not a consequence of its use. The moisturizing and simultaneously preserving substance is more about plumping up the skin in order to improve the radiant effect. However, if creams or other cosmetics with Pentylene Glycol also have a rejuvenating effect, this comes from other ingredients. As long as they meet the requirements of the respective cosmetics regulations, there is certainly nothing standing in the way of combining several active ingredients.

The active ingredients work best in these cosmetics

As already mentioned, pentylene glycol is mainly found in creams. This is because, due to their processing, the creams would not have a long shelf life without additional preservation. Depending on the concentration of the INCI agent, the strength of the preservation in your cosmetics differs. However, since Pentylene Glycol is a completely degradable and biological active ingredient, you don't have to worry about the ecological component when using it.

Overall, Pentylene Glycol is not one of the classic preservatives. However, this does not mean that you have to forego important advantages and properties of the products. Thanks to the high-quality structure of the materials, you can rely on gentle preservation and maximum durability. Thanks to the active ingredient, many skin care products can be strengthened.

Find the right cosmetics with Pentylene Glycol now!

Natural pentylene glycol also plays an important role in our cosmetics. In this way, we help you avoid harmful components and actively conserve raw materials with our products. In the right concentration, you certainly don't have to worry about possible effects on your skin. This makes it easy for you to reduce microorganisms in your cosmetics, increase the comfort of use and optimally avoid ingredients that are harmful to the skin.