Neem – so wirkt der Inhaltsstoff in deiner Kosmetik

Neem – this is how the ingredient in your cosmetics works

The neem tree is one of the most important medicinal plants worldwide and is not ignored in the field of cosmetics. Neem is used especially for skin and cell diseases to reduce suffering and achieve a better effect. In cosmetics, however, neem oil is usually used to protect your skin from environmental influences. But how does neem actually work as an active ingredient in cosmetics and which components can be used?

These parts of the neem are specifically suitable

There are many areas of application for neem in cosmetics and medicine. This applies, for example, to dental and oral hygiene, high blood pressure, inflammation, diabetes and of course skin diseases. In order to benefit from the healing effects of neem, many components of the plant can be used. The following plant parts are a good choice:

Neem bark

The bark of neem can be found in numerous medicinal products. In these, neem leads to a natural strengthening, for example to detect diseases in the gum area in good time and to prevent them as best as possible. Thanks to the collection of many ingredients contained in the bark of the neem, the healing properties of the neem bark are often equated with the leaves. So nothing stands in the way of optimal use of the bark of your neem tree.

Neem leaves

You can easily make an infusion or extract using neem leaves. Since many of the active ingredients it contains are soluble in water and alcohol, nothing stands in the way of using neem as a drink. In Indian culture, the fresh or dried leaves of neem are even chewed or ground into a powder. The most well-known application, however, is using neem in a warm tea or directly in your cosmetics.

Neem seeds

If you like it bitter, you'll get your money's worth with the neem seeds and neem fruits. Since it contains too many bitter substances, it is not suitable for use as food. The seeds of neem are more often used for medicines, but also for the production of neem oil, which is so important for cosmetics. This combines the neem with all kinds of cosmetic products and ensures an intensive and healing effect for your skin over the long term.

Neem oil alleviates problems related to the skin

Neem has its strength for illnesses and long-term ailments on the skin. This applies, for example, to itchy skin or rheumatism, which is a real problem for many people. However, it usually makes sense to first dilute the neem oil with a little olive oil or similar substances to improve the effect. This means that the concentration of neem is guaranteed not to be too high.

If you choose a cream or ointment with neem oil, you can expect an extremely antibacterial effect. For slightly impure skin or problems with blackheads or pimples, neem oil is an excellent approach. Another application involves neem for the hair, whereby the oil in the shampoo contributes to a dandruff-free and shiny hair structure. For the same effect, about three drops of neem oil can be added later.

This should be taken into account when using neem

Neem is generally only suitable for superficial applications. Eating the plant can cause nausea, vomiting, or diarrhea. The liver also has difficulty using neem oil, which is why damage from consumption cannot be ruled out. However, when it comes to the absorption of the active ingredients through the skin, neem is convincing as an ecological ingredient with many positive properties. You don't have to expect any problems, especially with lower concentrations of neem. You can get more details about possible side effects directly from your doctor.

Other Health Care Uses of Neem

As already mentioned, neem is a very popular choice as a plant with proven healing properties in many areas. The ingredients in neem help with skin problems, ensure the strength of your hair, protect you from insects, serve as a pesticide and much more. We are only aware of no good effect on the frequently mentioned property that neem helps against mites. It's best to always check the origin of the neem in order to better assess the quality.

As a natural active ingredient and ingredient, neem is a good choice for cosmetic products such as creams and ointments. In the right concentration, neem soothes the skin and leads to a pleasant and light feeling. The Federal Office of Consumer Protection and Food Safety even recommends neem oil for treating your pets' fur, which is a clear signal.

Our overview of the ingredients in your cosmetics

Neem is a very exciting ingredient that can have a big impact in everyday life with just a few drops. This makes it easy for you to promote the calming and purity of your skin while avoiding chemical ingredients. With the neem tree plant, from which the all-important oil can be produced without much effort, you are well protected. Please take a look at our other ingredients in the directory and let us inform you now.