Kokostenside – ideal für die Fettlösekraft deiner Kosmetik

Kokostenside – ideal for the fat-dissolving power of your cosmetics

Foam plays an important role in soaps, creams and other cosmetic products. But it is not only a good thing visually, but also purely functionally. Surfactants impress with their unique fat-dissolving power and at the same time ensure a sustainable replacement for various chemicals. So it's worth using natural forms like Kokostenside for effective and organic creams. In this article we will show you what is important here.

What are surfactants with coconut anyway?

Not every cosmetic product that is enriched with surfactants has a biological effect in practice. This is simply because many products use extremely problematic surfactants such as polyethylene glycols. The so-called PEGs also impress with their strong foaming, but are anything but organic. Their efficiency is usually too high for use in cosmetics, which means, for example, more sebum is removed than necessary. It is important to avoid the associated leaching effect.

However, if you consciously choose natural surfactants based on coconut or sugar, you don't have to worry about possible damage. The natural substances usually have a very mild effect and still fully fulfill their purpose. This is mainly due to the concentrations of the many ingredients, which of course are always adapted to the respective purpose. The so-called Coco Glucoside does not attack the skin's protective barrier, but rather enables active strengthening.

Gentle and light effect for your face

Since glucosides, which also applies to surfactants, have a very pleasant and light effect, they can be used on the skin without any problems. It is not without reason that substances such as coconut sid are also found in soap and hair care products. Before buying a new cream, always check whether it contains any harmful substances and ingredients. Additional paraffins and unsuitable fragrances often lead to oils being released from your skin. This means that you will suffer from significantly drier skin in the long term, even though the cream is supposed to work differently.

If you are looking for the right ingredients to care for your facial skin, coconut and sugar surfactants are well suited. The washing-active ingredients are derived directly from natural raw materials and ensure maximum skin compatibility. Most of the creams and serums with integrated coconut side are therefore optimally adjusted to the pH value of your skin. With ingredients such as coconut sid, a mild and caring application is always possible.

Surfactants promote foam formation

As already mentioned, another advantage is the formation of foam. This opens up many new avenues and possibilities for surfactants to be used as additives and ingredients in cosmetics. The substances are extremely compatible not only with the skin, but also with the groundwater and do not cause any harm. So you don't have to worry about too much chemistry in the creams.

From a biological perspective, it quickly becomes clear why a natural foam can be created from the substances without any annoying chemicals. When proteins and fats are whipped, the finest balls are formed that enclose the resulting air bubbles. This creates practical foam that is suitable for facial care without any major side effects. So why continue to rely on chemical ingredients that are harmful to the skin?

An organic alternative to alcohol

A look at the properties of Kokostenside shows that similarities with alcohol are not long in coming. Even though ethanol contributes to the lightness and variety of cosmetics, there are also numerous negative effects to consider. The increased formation of radicals and the faster drying out of the skin become a serious problem. The same applies to inflammation, which occurs more quickly than expected when too much ethanol is used on the skin.

However, with diols and practical surfactants, the negative effects are noticeably reduced. This means your skin benefits from additional moisture without the skin barrier being damaged or put under too much strain. When it comes to effective natural cosmetics, you should stay away from alcohol in its pure form. Surfactants are much more practical anyway, as they achieve a similar effect without any drying out. Ingredients such as pentylene glycol or glycosides such as coconut side therefore become the best alternative to conventional ethanol.

Surfactants in natural cosmetics? No problem!

More and more consumers are attaching great importance to the fact that their own cosmetics meet health and ecological standards. Anyone who chooses creams, shampoos and care products with natural coconut side will remain on the safe side in the long term. At the same time, direct contact with alcohol on the skin can be avoided in order to avoid redness and side effects. Please also take a look at our encyclopedia for many other ingredients.