Die Wirkung der Grünalge in der Kosmetik

The effect of green algae in cosmetics

When it comes to the ingredients of effective natural cosmetics, green algae is usually not far away. Above all, their antioxidant effect and the many vitamins as ingredients make a good impression at this point. But what exactly does green algae do as an additive in your cosmetics? We will go into this in more detail in this article and show you what advantages the single or multi-cellular green algae, botanically Chlorobionta, offers as a plant in cosmetics.

Ideal for improving the complexion

The ingredients of green algae are ideal for improving the natural appearance of the skin. This is mainly due to the helpful ingredients, which we will go into in more detail at a later date. However, when it comes to a biological effect, the green algae also performs excellently. Since it grows significantly faster around its chloroplasts than traditional land plants and can reproduce biotechnologically, nothing stands in the way of extensive use. This provides additional convenience in production.

Since green algae is a real aquatic plant, moisture becomes a decisive advantage. This ensures that your skin does not dry out so quickly, as new moisture is constantly being added. In this way, algae becomes an excellent binding agent for storing water in the long term. This quickly ensures a clearly fresher feeling when using the ingredient in cosmetics.

Diverse ingredients for every cosmetic

But it's not just the ability to store water, but also the many other nutrients that become a decisive advantage. As an all-rounder in cosmetics, these make the algae the best solution for integrating many valuable substances into creams and serums with little effort. The following contents are a good choice at this point when it comes to integrating green algae into cosmetics:

  • Vitamins

Since green algae is a diverse and biological substance, you certainly don't have to go without vitamins. This ensures a significantly fresher feeling on the surface of your skin and contributes to greater comfort. Green algae offers a diverse solution not only for nutrition, but also for cosmetic purposes.

  • Proteins

Green algae like Chlamydomonas are rich in proteins and can effectively protect your skin from visible aging. You are also safe from sunburns with individual varieties of algae thanks to the rich proteins. This makes it possible to use the good ingredient not only for moisturizers, but also for new cosmetics.

  • Minerals

The third category of extremely helpful ingredients are minerals and the many trace elements. These transport the algae using their surface without any roots of their own and store them in very high concentrations. It is not without reason that green algae as an additive in cosmetics has the highest nutrient density in a direct comparison.

High effectiveness as a positive result

Even if the single-celled green algae does not become the basis for your cosmetics at this point, it is an important additive. Especially in the area of ​​natural cosmetics, it is only missing in a few creams and serums, as its diverse properties make it a good addition. In this regard, one kilogram of green algae alone contains active ingredients from around 100,000 liters of water, which is ten times the amount of copper and magnesium.

Overall, the algae contains all common vital substances that people would otherwise have to collect from many products. In most cases, this makes natural green algae the best choice for effective and intensive cosmetics. In addition to the many vital substances, there is of course no shortage of other good substances in green algae.

Anti-aging as a decisive effect in creams

One of the best effects comes from the anti-aging effect of green algae as a plant. This makes it easy to combine the improvement of the skin's appearance with a lasting effect of freshness. Together with the many proteins and vitamins, nothing stands in the way of a fresh and always health-promoting effect. So why not test it yourself?

Green algae is becoming an important component not only for end consumers, but also in the production of new cosmetics. It can be taken directly from fresh water, where it grows back again in a very short time. There is therefore no need to rely on very limited raw materials for this genuine natural and aquatic plant. It can be used well both in nutrition and in the form of cosmetics.

Types of algae such as green caviar or blood rain algae also impress with their positive properties and enrich every cosmetic product. This is mainly due to the antioxidants it contains, which help the skin in a natural way. Varieties such as flat gut wrack or cartilaginous wrack also contain vitamins C and E, which are helpful ingredients.

Rely on the positive effects of green algae

It can be worth taking a look at the ingredients in your cosmetics to find out more about the positive effects of the many substances. As a natural ingredient, the algae makes caring for and cleaning the skin even easier. At the same time, the green algae promotes the anti-aging effect and gives you a real feeling of freshness. To learn more about surfactants and ingredients in cosmetics, our additional articles are also a good choice. Feel free to take a look at our glossary.