Das Wassernabelkraut als beliebter Wirkstoff

The pennywort herb as a popular active ingredient

The Asian pennywort, also known as pennywort, is a medicinal plant that is traditional in many countries. For example, it plays a key role in Ayurvedic medicine and is said to be suitable for treating various diseases. In Europe, however, dermatology and cosmetics play a more important role. But how exactly can pennywort be used as an active ingredient in cosmetics and what are the advantages?

The influence of the Gotu Kola plant

Not only the effect but also the development of pennywort is largely responsible for its influence in cosmetics. If you ever know anything about Centella asiatica, it is also pennywort. You will have already gotten to know the name tiger grass in other articles in our ingredient lexicon. This term is also a name of pennywort, which is therefore known in many variations. As a traditional plant from Korea, there are of course many details that develop on the basis of the umbelliferous plants that you should always know.

While pennywort is also eaten as a salad in some Asian countries, gotu kola also has a cosmetic effect. Many products contain the cleansing extract of Asian pennywort, which has a very pleasant effect on the skin. The herb is similarly versatile in dermatology, where it can provide lasting relief from burns and ulcers. In the area of ​​wound healing, the plant becomes a true all-rounder.

The enormous influence of pennywort

But not only in faith, but also on the basis of science, many medical successes can be traced back to pennywort herb. A study in 2017 took a closer look at the effects of the plant, primarily in terms of mental performance. The result of the evaluation is that Centella asiatica has a good influence on performance. Even if there is of course no connection to better results, the result is also a clear signal for cosmetics. The herb performs very well as a natural additive.

What ingredients are in pennywort herb?

Even though large parts of the plant are used entirely in cosmetics, Gotu Kola is divided into numerous ingredients. For cosmetic products such as creams and serums, a more precise distinction is made as to which ingredients are used and in what proportion. However, you can expect the following ingredients if pennywort is included:

  • Madecassoside
  • Asiaticoside
  • Volatile oil
  • Sesquiterpenes
  • Flavonoids

The proportion of the respective ingredients in pennywort herb is always a question of origin. The same applies to the exact effect of the cosmetics, which can contain the herb in different intensities. This also results in many differences in application that you should keep an eye on when it comes to the plant. However, since pennywort is a purely plant-based substance, nothing stands in the way of its use as natural cosmetics.

Internal and external healing for your skin structure

The herb is a good approach in the sense of Chinese medicine for treating your facial skin as well as for other complaints. It is said to be a good solution for various skin diseases and stimulate the self-healing process. Specifically for cosmetics, the plant offers a wide range of uses to stimulate wound healing. The combination of natural freshness, moisture and regeneration leads to the optimal effect.

If you are looking for ingredients that are suitable for every skin type, you can rely on Gotu Kola as a good solution. Especially with stressed, brittle or oily skin, it is important not to wait too long but to stimulate the healing process. This makes it easy to improve the feel of the skin on the one hand and to firm the skin structure again on the other. When it comes to complex and at the same time natural ingredients, pennywort is probably the most effective approach. The calming and clarifying effect makes such a good impression.

Ideal as an additive for natural cosmetics

The many positive properties of the plant make pennywort a good solution for cosmetic items. When used correctly, Centella asiatica quickly relieves irritation and inflammation. The same applies to the general improvement in the feel of the skin, which is an important basis for many creams. The rejuvenating, calming and yet intensive effect makes it the best composition when it comes to modern additives.

The natural ingredient is ideal not only for normal skin, but also for very dry or impure skin types. Since it stimulates wound healing and at the same time has a strong cleansing effect, creams with pennywort quickly lead to a significantly better feeling on the skin. The herb is also contained in various sheet masks and sun protection items.

Find out more about the ingredients in the cosmetics!

The pennywort herb quickly becomes a very important remedy due to its positive influences on wound healing. But the herb is not only impressive as a plant, but also as an ingredient in cosmetics. This is primarily due to the anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects of pennywort, which is also noticeable in cosmetics. Please take a look at our other articles in the Ingredient Lexicon and get further training.