Ascorbinsäure – reines Vitamin C als Entlastung für deine Haut

Ascorbic acid – pure vitamin C to relieve your skin

Ascorbic acid is a highly effective ingredient that stimulates natural energy metabolism and counteracts the increasing aging of your skin. This makes the purest form of vitamin C in cosmetics an excellent solution to relieve your skin and strengthen your body in a natural way. In this article we will introduce you to the active ingredients and ingredients in more detail and show you how you can further beautify your skin.

This is how ascorbic acid works as a component of cosmetics

As an element of many cosmetic products, ascorbic acid has several tasks. Even though it generally contributes to a positive anti-aging effect and strengthens the skin's defenses, the properties of ascorbic acid can also be summarized more specifically. The following applications make the acid so important as a component of cosmetics and strengthen your skin:

Antioxidant effect on the skin

The metabolic processes in the body repeatedly lead to the creation of new free radicals. These become a danger to your skin through reactions with proteins, membranes and lipids and sustainably attack the healthy components. Radiation, smoke and air pollution also lead to free radicals. For this reason, antioxidants such as ascorbic acid are a very effective and practical solution to boost skin care.

Effectively combats annoying wrinkles

When it comes to firm skin structure, collagen is one of the most important components. In this case, ascorbic acid becomes a real help as it protects the collagen framework from attacks by free radicals. This makes it easy to protect yourself from damage and to withstand greater tension well. At the same time, the formation of wrinkles slows down, making your facial skin appear wrinkle-free. So you can rely on smooth skin.

Good treatment for pimples and acne

Ascorbic acid is able to quickly and efficiently relieve micro-inflammation in the skin. Since these are usually caused by acne, with the ingredient in your cosmetics you no longer have to worry about the structure and strength of your skin. The complexion also appears significantly healthier in this way, so that oxidation processes can no longer progress steadily. This makes vitamin C a good choice for treating acne.

Reacts quickly to pigment spots

Another use of ascorbic acid is the treatment of pigment spots. Some research has already shown that the acid helps to inhibit excessive melanin formation and in this way effectively reduces age spots. In addition, ascorbic acid protects against the consequences of too much UV radiation, which can also cause discoloration of the skin. Day care with ascorbic acid is therefore always suitable.

Ascorbic acid is suitable in these cosmetic products

Thanks to its properties, ascorbic acid can be used in both creams and serums. The creams are usually suitable for daily care to give your skin the long-term shine it needs and ensure a better overall structure. While ascorbic acid can definitely boost your skin structure in high doses, it is usually found in lower concentrations in creams. The effect is noticeable, but does not damage the skin.

In addition, you can also increase the care of your skin with an ascorbic acid serum. A concentration of around 15 percent is the most common standard, although an even higher amount usually does not produce a better effect. Don't be impressed by high promises of effectiveness and a higher concentration of ingredients and acids related to vitamin C.

Other forms and concentrations of vitamin C

In order to properly use ascorbic acid as a component of your cosmetics, you should ensure a good concentration. The ascorbic acid itself is usually pure vitamin C, which is also beneficial for its effectiveness in cosmetics. Other forms include ascorbyl glucoside, which is a compound between ascorbic acid and natural glucose, or ethyl ascorbic acid, a water-soluble ester form of the acid.

Nevertheless, when using pure ascorbic acid, it is very important not to choose concentrations that are too high at the beginning. A proportion of the vitamin of up to 25 percent sounds good, but can hardly have the desired effect in everyday life. Too high a concentration will also cause redness on your skin. So approach the vitamin slowly.

You should pay attention to this when using ascorbic acid

As already mentioned, a very high content is not always a sign of quality and an even better effect. It is important at this point to develop a feeling for the right dose over time and to be able to assess your cosmetics even better. There are already numerous creams and other items containing ascorbic acid, which is why personal tests are always a good idea. The many care products contribute to stabilization when used correctly and sustainably.

Of course, it is usually the combination with other ingredients that make your cosmetics a very good choice. These can be, for example, resveratrol, hyaluronic acid, vitamin A or vitamin E, which add value to many cosmetic products. If you are also looking for products with few colors and fragrances that are of organic origin, there are always many offers.

With ascorbic acid it is safe and good to use

Because it supports collagen synthesis in your skin and fights free radicals, ascorbic acid is a good solution in many cosmetics. While vitamin C is also found in many foods such as fruit and vegetables, you can also do something good for the skin directly with creams and serums. But feel free to take a look at the many other active ingredients and ingredients that we present to you in our lexicon. This way you will find out exactly what the cosmetics can do.