Acetylierte Hyaluronsäure – was kann der praktische Inhaltsstoff?

Acetylated hyaluronic acid – what can this practical ingredient do?

With hyaluronic acid you can expect a combination of numerous molecules that can fill the fibers of the skin tissue. Simply put, this is how the acid improves the structure of your skin. However, acetylated hyaluronic acid is a special form. But how does it differ from the classic version and what are its advantages as an ingredient for cosmetics? We take a closer look at this in our ingredient list and present new solutions.

These are the consequences of acetylation for hyaluronic acid

Acetylation is a chemical process in which a hydrogen atom is replaced by an acetyl group. How exactly the exchange takes place is very chemical at this point and would go too far in the dictionary. Simply put, acetylated hyaluronic acid is a very frequently used medical preparation.

One of the special functions of hyaluronic acid, which makes it impressive even without acetylation, is its ability to bind liquids. Just one gram of hyaluronic acid can bind up to six liters of water. This gives the skin significantly more freshness and elasticity without losing its shine so quickly. It's not without reason that hyaluronic acid is one of the most effective ingredients for immediate results on your skin.

The practical advantages for use in cosmetics

Since acetylated hyaluronic acid is a highly active active ingredient, the effect is correspondingly stronger. The ingredient is found in many anti-aging products, as the acetylated version can penetrate significantly deeper into the skin. This becomes an important advantage for noticeably improving and actively strengthening the skin structure. In addition, acetylated hyaluronic acid offers many other advantages compared to the classic version:

  • Longer effect due to greatly increased intensity
  • Practical counteracting of skin aging
  • Noticeable improvement in skin elasticity
  • Up to twelve hours of active skin moisture
  • Increased stability towards degradation enzymes

The added value of acetylated substances has already been proven not only in individual cases, but also scientifically. Cosmetics with a concentration of 0.1 percent of the acid led to a significantly more elastic skin feeling in various test subjects. The tests showed a clear increase in skin moisture not only immediately after a single application, but also in the long term. A look at the performance values ​​determined shows that the skin remains up to 40% moister with acetylated hyaluronic acid than with classic hyaluronic acid.

The immediate effect as one of the most important arguments

Anyone who chooses hyaluronic acid as a cosmetic product will benefit from various immediate effects if used correctly. High molecular acid in particular creates a unique protective film for your skin in conjunction with the skin's own keratin. This way, too much moisture can no longer escape, strengthening your skin barrier. This means that the water with acetylated hyaluronic acid can collect even better under the film of the skin and remains active.

In addition to the health benefits for your skin, hyaluronic care also offers you a variety of positive visual effects. This becomes apparent just a few minutes after application, which is also sufficient for classic care creams. However, in order to optimize the effect, the focus on acetylated hyaluronic acid is crucial so that you can provide your skin with the best possible relief.

This is how the hyaluronic treatment develops in the long term

In addition to the short-term effects, acetylated hyaluronic acid also has long-term positive effects. Since the acid offers both lipophilic and hydrophilic properties, you don't have to worry about the new moisture evaporating. This ensures that your skin is moisturized throughout the day and is guaranteed not to dry out.

In the long term, the ingredient will help you loosen wrinkles and prevent skin aging. The additional elasticity of your skin becomes an important point in combining the pleasant feeling with good health effects. Cosmetics with hyaluronate are therefore a good basis for improving the moisture content of your skin in the long term. Especially with dry skin types, the acid leads to long-term repair of your skin.

Other types of hyaluronic acid for your skin

Of course, in addition to acetylated hyaluronic acid, there are many other acids and substances that positively enrich your cosmetics. These also concentrate the water in your skin and actively counteract wrinkles. While acetylated hyaluronic acid most often affects the top layer of your skin, this is not always the case. Here we have two additional acids for you:

  • Hydrolyzed hyaluronic acid

In comparison to classic hyaluronic acid, the hydrolyzed form penetrates deep into the lowest layers of skin. This has the advantage that your skin structure is repaired not only visually, but also at its core. There the acid actively moisturizes and relieves your skin.

  • Sodium hyaluronate

The Sodium Hyaluronate leads to a significantly increased formation of moisture. Similar to acetylated hyaluronic acid, this means that skin moisture is retained for a longer period of time. This active ingredient is usually sodium salt.

Benefit from acetylated hyaluronic acid as an active ingredient

Even though acetylated hyaluronic acid is a chemical active ingredient, it develops its full potential in your cosmetics. However, if the focus on purely biological components is important to you, this is of course also possible for your facial care. Please take a look at the other materials in our lexicon and get the best possible information. Right there we will introduce you to many other ingredients and additives that complement your natural cosmetics.