BABA CARE is a men's skincare company for the 21st century. Our research centers in Germany and South Korea scientifically harness the goodness of nature, tradition and science to offer men the best skin care formulations, routines and services on the planet. 

about us

just kids growing up, caring. but we showed up every time. again and again. everyone was pioneering back then. that is when all the developing was happening. everything that comes into your imagination. do it yourself. get creative. the fresh experts. rock solid. the rock steady crew. rocking the city with your face nice and fresh. you look real good today.

so who won the rocking contest, the nivea boys vs the baba crew? who do you think? yes, the dynamic baba rockets. dynamic faces going places. put on a show. wow the crowd. wear the crown. wear the cream. live the dream. bring it loud. yes, work with what you’ve got and turn your moves into a movement. so soft and sharp. a good kind of dangerous. a dangerous kind of care. the kind that makes things happen. the kind that gets results. the kind that builds lasting things. "I work for myself. So I guess I work for the boss." everyone working for themselves. a crew of bosses. always talking. to themselves and to others. take your face and do something with it. let’s get to work.